This is not clothing brand is aims to celebrate and and reinvent artwork through exhibition on wearable canvases. The brand is founded by Jam Sutton who is a photographer, artists and music video director whose work is inspired by pop culture, art and music. This is stands to reason why he’s worked with the likes of Will.I.AM, N.E.R.D and Steve Aoki on videos and album artwork.

The This is not clothing tees feature artwork from some of Jam Suttons limited edition prints and is exclusive to Harvey Nichols in the UK but you can purchase them on the brand website in Euros.

I first came across the This is not clothing brand on the Harvey Nichols website back in December 2012 where i bought my first graphic tee from the collection I, which was the “The Madonna of Port Lligat”. I was instantly drawn to all the tees as soon as I saw the collection and knew I wanted one but was torn between which one to get but this one stood out for me. The first collection was heavily influenced by pop culture and Marilyn Monroe features in most of the art works.

my this is not clothing graphic tee picThe This is not clothing collection II featuring heaving with skulls and skeletons in half of the art works and graphic tees, which was inspired by the Dutch art movement of 17th Century. The other half of the collection was inspired by Catalan muralist Josep Maria Sert who was well know for his Grisaille pieces often in gold and black.

This is not clothing collection II/II went one step further and using the pieces from the collection II by using all over colours not just the standard blank white canvas of the previous two collections, lots of blacks and featuring the gold frames famed by Josep Maria Sert who inspired the original pieces.

this is not clothing liberty II front graphic tee

this is not clothing momento 2






The first two collections of graphic tees for This is not clothing retail for around £80 and only available in Harvey Nichols in the UK and around the same in Euros on the This is not clothing website but make allowance for exchange rate differences.

As the collection II features more colours with artwork and graphics on the back of the tees and the gold frames around the sleaves and neck instead of just a canvas on the front of a white tee from the first two they are more expensive and come in at  €130 and are only available directly on the This is not clothing website.

Shop the whole collection of This is not clothing graphic tees.

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