Ittttttttt’s back!!! After over a year of waiting, my favourite graphic tee brand has launched the new website and now stocking a small selection from the Elvis Jesus SS15 collection on their brand new website.

Ok it’s not a huge selection but at least it’s something as I haven’t been able to buy any new EJ tees since December 2013, which is quite a while considering I used to buy one every other month. They aren’t cheap but these things are hand finished and are like nothing else on the market with the attention to detail being next to none.

I was going to wait a few weeks to see if they released a few more items as there are only 17 new products on the website at launch yesterday but i’m not going to chance them selling out for another few months and with it being my dreaded 30th birthday in a few weeks and I need a new tee for Above and Beyond next week so i snapped up the black Skullwire graphic tee on the Elvis Jesus website featuring ornate base print and bright orange skull at the centre on the front made from fine lengths of rope coiled together with thunderbolts coming out of the head.



The Elvis Jesus Skullwire tee is currently £90 and happens to be the cheapest item of the new collection with the Beetlejuice long sleeved top with beetle on the back made from safety pins costing £135 and the hoodies come in at £210 with 3 different styles available.


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