The rise of street food in Cardiff

It’s taken a while but the Welsh Capital is finally catching up to the likes of Bristol and London in terms of street food. With the likes of Wahaca with it’s Mexican flare of street food favourites and Burger and Lobster who are frequent at street food festivals have even decided to open shop with their […]

Elvis Jesus Spring Summer 2015 collection

Ittttttttt’s back!!! After over a year of waiting, my favourite graphic tee brand has launched the new website and now stocking a small selection from the Elvis Jesus SS15 collection on their brand new website. Ok it’s not a huge selection but at least it’s something as I haven’t been able to buy any new […]

Best tees from Asos this Easter

Looking for some new tees for the Easter Bank Holiday? With the Easter Bank Holiday around the corner and my big 3-0 a week later i’m on the hunt for my first additions to my wardrobe since Christmas and with London next weekend to see Above and Beyond playing Brixton o2 Academy i’ll be wanting […]

Thoughts on Crossfit Open Games 2015 programming

It’s my 2nd year doing the Crossfit Open Games this year with the first year being just 6 months after i started i thought it would be good to benchmark against for this years competition. I’ll be brutally honest and admit I am not or don’t think i would ever be Regionals material but it […]

Crossfit Open Games 15.2 feedback

So 15.2 saw us revisiting one of the WOD’s from the 2014 Crossfit Games, which also happened to be my worst one of the competition last year. The WOD Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete: From 0:00-3:00    2 rounds of:    10 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)    10 chest-to-bar pull-ups […]

Crossfit Caerphilly Crossfit Games 2015 Leaderboard

Want to find out how we’re all doing at the box in the Crossfit Open Games 2015? Check out the custom leaderboard showing how everyone at Crossfit Caerphilly have done so far in the Open Games.

My homemade holy moly guacamole the best you will ever taste!

I don’t mind avocado but as long as they are paired with some something to cut through the creaminess like a bit of spice or bacon. My favourite thing to do with avocado and is super easy and can be used to transform simple snacks or lunch for work plus it’s got no horrible nasties […]

How to make the best cheese toastie in the world!

So it’s Sunday morning/afternoon and you crawl out of bed, slide down the stairs on your ass and manage to make it to the fridge on all fours to try and and empty the contents inside in an attempt to make this pain go away…is it hunger…is it tiredness…is it a hangover…? Who cares, it […]

What kit and equipment should i buy for first time snowboarding trip

I’ve never been skiiing or snowboarding before and just booked my first trip to Andorra in March and just near the end of buying all my clothes and accessories for snowboarding. I wasn’t quite sure what i needed or where the hell to buy everything to start with but luckily a few of my friends […]

Indoor ski and snowboard lesson discount at SnowDome Tamworth in Birmingham

I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding but recently booked my first trip on the slopes to Andorra in March. As I don’t skate or surf I don’t quite fancy my chances of taking to it like a duck to water i’ll be honest so i’ve been toying with the idea of getting a lesson or […]