jurk turkey mince and mango recipe

Ingredients 500g of turkey thigh mince 6 stalks of stem broccoli chopped up 1/2 sweet red pepper chopped 1 medium red onion chopped 1/2 a mango chopped up Garlic granules Mixed herbs (i used Barrts chicken seasoning. No chicken included don’t worry just aimed to season chicken) Jerk sauce Sea salt Instructions Turn your grill […]

blueberry overnight oats proats recipe

Ingredients 1 packet of flavoured Quaker Oaks (i used the blueberry super goodness porridge ones) 1 pot of Liberte yogurt as it’s got around 7g of protein (again I used blueberry or you can use plain Greek yogurt) 1 dessert spoon of ground oatmeal. I prefer the finer ground as I don’t like the texture […]

toffee apple with chocolate drizzle

Toffee Apple Ingredients 100g golden caster sugar 100g granulated sugar 4 tsp golden syrup (i only had the chocolate one) 2 tsp white wine vinegar ( could use cider vinegar too) 100ml water 25g butter Black food colouring (or any other favourite colour) Instructions Fill the sink or a larger bowl with cold water which […]