After a bit of over indulgence the night before and stocking up on every item on the menu for breakfast at the Queens Hotel in Chester in the morning I wanted to go easy for lunch especially as we were booked in at The Lobster Pot for tea.

We decided after I’d regained vision from being speared in the eye from a room diffuser stick in the shop next door that we would share a light lunch just to tie us over till tea later on. We were ushered to a table out the back near the windows to where the Menai met the sea but held off on ordering till the front table and stools were vacant so we could enjoy lunch with a view.


The Food

Skinny Fries – £3

Slaw – £3

Goats cheese, parma ham, rocket, fig pizza – £10.95

I was fancying the pepperoni, lamb mince and chilli pizza but got my arm twisted to go for the goats cheese, prosciutto, fig and rocket pizza after the tantalising good one of the same name in the Eisteddfod in Abergavenny the previous week so thought it would be good to see how they compared.

The pizza was noticeably larger and thicker than the wood fired counterpart at the Eisteddfod but lacked the flavour, crisp and smokiness only achievable on a wood fired oven. I had to double check they hadn’t forgotten the prosciutto on top at first as it wasn’t exactly dripping with it or tasting of it to be honest. What it made up in dough volume it lacked in topping density and flavour compared to the one from Anna’s Wood Fired Pizzas as that had bit chunks of caramelised goats cheese, mounds of crisped stringy prosciutto and tender figs. Also what I wasn’t overly keen on was the overcompensation of flavour using way too much honey on top too it did nothing for me and spoilt it to be honest although I was appreciative of the bit of flavour it added to an otherwise unappealing plate of dough and cheese. Ok maybe that was a bit harsh as I did eat it all but i wasn’t bowled over with what I was served for £11. The skinny fries delivered what they said on the tin, with a good coating of the table Halen Mon salt tub on show and a good dollop of creamy slaw to offer some low carb alternative to what was already on my plate.

I’d try the place again for sure maybe some of the tapas or fish but wouldn’t rush back for a pizza.

We did take some of the shortbread biscuits, which on tasting with a cuppa back at the house must of contained 98% butter (not that i’m complaining) but were bloody good. The piccalilli tub we bought also came in handy for the following evenings BBQ and had a good spice to vinegar ratio with good crunch on the veg too.

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