Grass fed beef and Paleo Friendly butcher in South Wales

If your and avid Crossfitter, Paleo follower or just want the best and nutritious food for your body you probably want to know where the best quality meat you can give your body to repair from heavy workouts at your Crossfit Box or regular gym.

To get the most out of your meat and protein it is recommended you source your red meat from grass fed animals instead of grain and whatever other crap and nasties they throw in to bulk the cows up these days.

If your looking for a butcher who stocks grass fed beef in South Wales then look no further than Paleo Nutrition Wales who source all their meet from local suppliers and everything they sell on their website is Paleo so you don’t have to check the ingredients on anything you find on the site. You will only find natural herbs and spices in any of their snacks such as jerky and seasonings to coat your grass fed hunks of meat.

paleo-nutrition-wales-HUNTER-GATHERER grass fed meat packThe poultry is free range too and they even do meat packs so you can get your protein and nutrients from a selection of the best quality meat you can buy for repairing those muscles and building a temple of a body you have always wanted! The meat packs come in the type of names you would expect from Paleo diet such as the Carnivore, Caveman and the Hunter Gatherer.

All the grass fed, exotic cuts of meat including kangaroo and free range poultry are shipped in 3 step temperature controlled environment meaning it never exceeds 5C and can stay fresh for up to 72 hours in the delivery pack.

See what the Paleo Nutrition Wales website has to offer or get to taste your first ever sample of grass fed meat delivered straight to your door.

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