[fusion_text]I’m not even going to ask if you like bacon because if you don’t then please leave this blog immediately, sit in the corner of whatever room you are in at the moment and have a quiet word with yourself!

Bacon as far as I’m concerned is the king of all food and of course the main ingredient in any ultimate hangover cure so it’s quite fitting that you can choose your favourite bacon online whilst wrapped up snuggly in under your duvet and have the salty crispy goodness dropped off by Steve the postman in 24 hours.

If you haven’t heard of it cureandsimple.com is a subscription based bacon delivery just like lovefilm or Graze except they send you small packs of hand cured artisan bacon in 5 different flavours either once a week, fortnightly or monthly with the option to pause your regularity at any time. The bacon is vacuum packed then put in an envelope that fits neatly through your door so you don’t have to wait in and because it’s cured in such a way that they don’t inject it full of water and whatever other crack they try to bulk it up with all the moisture has been removed so it doesn’t actually have to stay in the fridge so it will be fine laying on your floor until you get home from work or wherever else you might be during the day.

But I have a dog I here you say and Alfie the French Mastiff would love to get his humungous jaws wrapped around 10 slices of pork gold! Fear not as the guys at Cureandsimple.com seemed to have thought of everything here, they double pack it so it goes in an extra layer of protection and also spray it with dog repellent! These guys are legends in the making!

The Flavours of Bacon currently available on Cureandsimple.com are:

  • Original
  • Pancetta
  • Thai
  • Old English
  • Bourbon

You can also choose a mixed option so they send you a different one each time.

I’ve had 2 bourbon ones, which I used one for a  bbq tower pitta with pulled pork sausage, homemade guacamole, grated cheese and thinly sliced bourbon bacon bits to top it off. I had a packet of the Old English,which made an awesome bacon sandwich to take on the journey up to Birmingham airport to Ibiza a few weeks ago and to sort me out the morning I got back because I actually thought I was going to die!

I also tried the Thai flavoured bacon, which I used to make a Bacon and Scallop Pad Thai that was also something special.

If you want to get a discount on your first Cure and Simple bacon subscription then just use the discount code 2SCRP8 when signing up to get a 50% discount at the time of writing this post.

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