I was a late starter on peanut butter as it wasn’t as popular in the UK as it is in the US and it has had more of a serge in the UK over the past couple of years due to Reeses peanut butter chocolates being more widely available and due to the increased knowledge of nutritional benefits and protein content for gym goers.

I didn’t really fancy it at first but tried my first experience of peanut butter with Reeses chocolate on a trip to Cancun and been a lover since. I’ve started to take a bit more interest in my fitness over the past two years since being introduced to Crossfit and always looking for alternative protein sources. I’m not the biggest fan of protein shakes as I always forget to take them plus i like to mix up my sources of food all the time as i do tend to get bored very easily eating and drinking the same thing all the time.

I’d tried the standard peanut butter from Tesco’s on oat cakes, rice cakes and topped on slices of apple and although ok I did get bored and never seem to finish a whole jar. I then came across almond butter on GO Nutrition and bought a bucket even though the smallest size they did was 1kg. I’ve used the almond butter like i had with the peanut butter but also tried it with a recent recipe i found for kale crisps and then as a seasoning on vegetable stir fry to give ti a satay like flavour instead of using unhealthy sauces that i haven’t a clue whats in them. It’s taken me quite some time to finish my bucket of almond butter so i sought out to find some new alternatives.

I was ordering some Strength Wraps for Crossfit from Cardiff Sports Nutrition and came across the Nuts n More range of nut butter and was quite intrigued by the varieties on offer that i’d not seen anywhere else especially having chocolate in a lot of them, which might tempt me from raiding the chocolate cupboard we have in work in the afternoon when i’m needing a pick me up.

On a quick browse online Cardiff Sports Nutrition seemed to do some of the cheapest prices for the Nuts n More nut butters too so I decided to get one of each of the peanut butter and almond butter and opted to cover both my bases when it came to sweet treats, which is chocolate and caramel/toffee. I went for the Nuts n More Peanut Toffee Crunch along with the Nuts n More Almond Chocolate butter out of the ones available on the Cardiff Sports Nutrition Website.

I thought i was going to like the Chocolate Almond flavour Nuts n More the best but it wasn’t as tasty as the Peanut butter toffee crunch one i bought as it’s a lot sweeter i think. I’ve tried it with the previous options such as oat cakes, apple, rice cakes but i’ve used it on my Oatabix in the morning for breakfast too and had a dollop of each along with a little bit of honey just to sweeten up the chocolate too. It’s given me another option for consumption and good source of protein for breakfast as opposed to me having 2-3 boiled or fried eggs every morning,w which gets a bit repetitive.


I’ve nearly finished my two tubs now which come in 454g portions with 14g protein per serving of two tablespoons so i’m just deciding on what other flavour to get but leaning towards the Nuts n More Almond Chocolate Coconut butter as i do really like coconut i just hope it’s a bit sweater than the standard chocolate almond butter.

To get the cheapest Nuts n More nut butters online and to see the whole range then take a look on Cardiff Sports Nutrition website.

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