buy chase and status tickets in cardiff october 2014

Chase and Status have been announced as the headliners in Cardiff  on Saturday 4th October 2014 for Welcome to the Warehouse at Splott Market and tickets are now available to buy.

Chase and Status return to the Welsh Capital for the 2nd installment of warehouse music antics from the organisers of the colour festival back in June at the same venue in Splott Market.

This is a daytime music event, which apart from the ever popular Delete Garden parties that had it’s final installment last weekend are very rare in Cardiff so this is due to sell out.

Apart from Chase and Status who are headlining the Welcome to the Warehouse event in Cardiff the other two DJ’s in the lineup are Kove and dimension but the full lineup is yet to be announced so expect a few more nuggets very soon.

Expect full jungle decorations so get your creative cap on if you want to stand out on the day so we will be expecting a few Tarzan and Jayne’s but lets see what else you can come up with.

To make sure you don’t miss Chase and Status at their next gig in Cardiff buy your tickets here.

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    • nicky batchelor
      nicky batchelor says:

      You have to register on fatsoma to purchase a ticket. When you log in you can see your past purchases in your account from there you can print it out again


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