If you’re a seasoned Crossfitter or just poked your head in once then you know everyone at the box likes to spend a pretty penny on their kit and usually the brighter the better from lifting shoes, wod shoes, compression socks, shorts, compression trousers, graphic tees, vests, hoodies, belts, headbands, hand wraps, hats and bags.

I myself have spent more money on gym gear in the last year than i have in the last 28 years i’ve been on this earth with nearly one of each of the items above in the list.

Reebok the official sponsor of the Crossfit Games have their own Crossfit Wod inspired range of clothing and accessories and although they do have a few nice items on the website, which i’ve bought a pair of the shorts recently myself but they are quite expensive to be honest.

There are a number of businesses coming onto the Crossfit scene recently offering a wider range of tees and apparel with a quite a few coming out of the South Wales area due to the huge following Crossfit has in Cardiff and the valleys recently with around 10 crossfit boxes in a 10 mile radius of Cardiff.

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I like to shop around to get something a bit different as i’m quite fussy even with my gym kit i hate having the same thing on as someone else so i do spend a fair bit of time hunting out something new and different when i’m in the game to make a new purchase of some Crossfit wod kit.

Some of the brands aimed at Crossfit i’ve come across, bought and seen at my box at Caerphilly are:

Bear Strength
anufacturer and retailer of Crossfit clothing and apparel from graphic tees, shorts and hoodies

Again Faster
tockist of Crossfit inspired clothing and apparel but also lifting equipment from bars and weights to custom built fully fitted Crossfit rigs.

IconX Barbell Club
Manufacturer of graphic tees, hoodies, shorts, hats, wraps and vests. They even do branded box kit like ours at Crossfit Caerphilly for regular WOD classes and bespoke kit for events and games.

anufacturer of fitness footwear including road running, off road and Crossfit inspired lifting shoes and WOD trainers. They also offer tees and hoodies.

Heavy Rep Gear
anufacturer of Crossfit WOD kit from graphic tees, hoodies, vests, caps and shorts, which were the first ones i purchased over a year ago and still going strong today with their toughened material used.

Kratos RX’d
anufacturer of Crossfit inspired sports nutrition but also produce clothing such as graphic tees and shorts.

Rogue Fitness
he most well known Crossfit clothing supplier and manufacturer who sponsor 3 time Crossfit Games Champion Rich Fronning who has his own tees available on the site. They also supply lifting equipment and supply the Crossfit Games with their weights and bars that are used in the competition.

anufacturer and retailer of sports clothing and accessories but also sponsor the Crossfit Games and have a range of Crossfit clothing including shorts, the legendary Reebok Nano shoes, tees and lifting shoes.