Travelzoo have just launched a new discount for a 6 course taster menu at Penarth’s Michelin Starred James Sommerin Restauranton their website.

Set along the Penarth Promenade just a stones throw away from the sea, it’s a fantastic location with menu to match. The voucher is available for £89 for two dinners for lunch between 12-2pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

If you want to dine with friends a discount voucher for James Sommerin for 4 dinners will cost £169. It’s a surcharge of £20 each per person to dine at dinner in the evening if you can’t make it for lunch.

They’ve even got an overnight package including bed and breakfast for two for £199 if you fancy making a weekend of it in Penarth.

To buy the discount voucher for James Sommerin then visit the Travelzoo website.

I’ll be honest I’d not heard of Amesoeur until this week and me being me i’m always keen to try something knew so was more than happy to attend to sample some items on the new menu.

Located at 98 Crwys Road, opposite Shaws it was easy to find although I always dread going anywhere for food along City Road, Crwys Road or anywhere in Pontcanna usually but 2 attempts up the side streets and we happily found a small space to squeeze the Abarth into.

Based on the name Amesoeur Bistro I was expecting some french flair in the food menu but was suprised to see a more tapas style offering. Not that that’s a bad thing as I tend to prefer to order a selection of small plates to share as opposed to a mound of the same thing especially if it’s not quite to your taste if you’re being adventurous as you’ve still got 5 or 6 more that make up for it.

The menu is broken up into 3 sections with those from the farm featuring mainly meaty plates, then there was the sea with you guessed it seafood and then those from the field so more of your veggy side dishes.

We were given a brief overview of the menu by the owner who was very friendly and happy to help with any questions and recommended dinners usually go for around 3 dishes each. I’m always worried when I go for tapas style food or mezze as you never know what the portion size is going to be like and being left hungry with no option to grab a bag of chips on the way home.


We were both drawn to the seafood section and the trust favourites of prawns, muscles and squid so went for the garlic king prawns, cayenne and parsley butter (£4), salt and chilli squid rings in lemon and coriander dip (£4), steamed muscles in garlic and cream sauce (£4).

Although the options on the meat section sounded good I wasnít in the mood for most of them but the sautéed potatoes with crispy cured beef sausage, coriander, chilli, garlic and ginger (£3.50) sounded too delicious to skip over.

No meal is complete without some form of melted cheese and another fav added to the list lately is goats cheese especially after my eggy crumped, goats cheese and bacon brekkie I did last weekend. We opted for the deep fried goats cheese with honey dip (£3.50) and thought we might have to have at least one veggie dish so the butter beans in paprika and bbq glaze was an obvious choice.


I decided to sample the one cocktail as it was my last day in my job the day after and celebrating the new job but didnít want to overdo it so stuck to the one and a beer. There cocktail list wasnít overly expansive but thatís not what they specialist but what was on there did look inviting. Iím always weary with cocktails of late since switching over to the dark side with my gin or whiskies with little or no mixer so I find cocktails and even my previous fav spiced rum and coke way too sweet. Most of them had the inclusion of sugar syrup and based on other more well known places in Cardiff who rely on ready made syrups they leave me feeling a bit sickly so I opted for the Earl Grey containing Earl Grey surprise surprise, double measure of Gin, honey and lemon.


I didn’t know what to expect again before it came especially as the menu seemed to display the measures of the mixers as well including 50ml of lemon, which I was hoping wasnít going to be too sour but the drink was so refreshing and perfect balance of gin and mixer. Mwsh opted for another gin cocktail with the Elderflower, Cucumber Collins and that was equally as fresh and moreish. I could easily have sunk another few and not felt the sugar eating away at the insides of my stomach like they do in some places.

Partial to a good beer I thought I’d see what was on offer, sadly there were no draughts on tap but they had Brooklyn, Corona, a cider I believe but I opted for a Samuel Adams as I’d not tried that before.

The Verdict

I was very suprised by the food as I really didn’t know what to expect with the suprise tapas style as opposed to what I was expecting in the way of French Bistro esque menu items. We couldn’t fault anything on our plates and everything was so tasty and just so inviting to eat with it glistening in flavour and seasoning. It was a welcome change from the bland, microwaved plates I’d become used to with tapas from La Tasca over the years. You could see the chef put love into each little plate, which was validated when our food came out and they opologised that we would have to wait for the goats cheese as he had another batch on as he wasn’t happy plating up the first one so that just goes to show he’s proud of every dish that leaves the kitchen doors.

I was apprehensive when I saw the extent of items on the menu as I wondered how fresh the food would be or how long we would be waiting to put together the vast amount of items on the list as it was probably bigger than any tapas menu i’d seen previously but I was pleasantly surprised how fresh and tasty each dish was. The only thing and this is clutching at straws that I could give in terms of constructive feedback is the bread and oils starter we ordered was difficult to soak up any of the balsamic with the oil and we came to the conclusion this was because the bread was toasted. Tasted find but I do like a good evenly proportion of oil to balsamic on my ciabatta but being toasted none of the vinegar seemed to stick.

We were looking for flaws but couldn’t really find any to be honest each dish was equally as delicious. I was expecting onion ring style squid but it was more like fresh chunks without the usual overbearing stodgy batter. The surprise dish was the butter beans in paprika and bbq glaze that packed a such a flavour punch and we were discussing recreating them even as we ate with a recently purchased jar of Gran Luchito chilli honey and even bought a tin of butter beans from Tesco on the way home to try this weekend.

We couldn’t see a dessert menu anywhere to hand or blackboard as you sometimes get so on asking if they did any there was a carrot cake or strawberry cheese cake to choose from. Sold! One each to share and sample it was and both priced at £4.

I did see a cheese sharing platter on the main menu so there was always that option too I guess. Anyway the cakes came out and both in mammoth portions. I was expecting the carrot cake to be a bit dry as I think it might have been from the bar under a glass cover and Iím always conscious of how long theyíve been festering there sometimes but it was perfectly moist with just the right proportion of buttercream sandwiched in the middle and on top. The cheese cake came in a ceramic taps style dish and had a surprisingly uncompressed biscuity base under the strawberry cheesecake top but didnít detract from the moreishly addiction Iíd just acquired from both desserts whilst taking a stab at each on in turn with my fork.


After doing a bit of searching for Amesoeur online I noticed they were on Wriggle back last week with 6 plates and 2 desserts for £19.95 with a value of £33 so keep an eye on Wriggle Cardiff to see if they pop back up on there. If you use the discount code AUHPSS at the checkout on the Wriggle Website or going to refer a friend and add a code you get £3 discount off your order and get it for £16.95 for an even better discount.

They also did 3 courses and a glass of wine for £10 for black Friday so I’d keep an eye on their social media for the latest deals too.


Amesoeur Bistro
98 Crwys Road
CF24 4NQ

Tel: 029 2022 8808

I’ve wanted to try the food at Penarth’s most highly regarded restaurant for a couple of years now but it’s not the type of restaurant to try out on a normal Friday night due to the higher price bracket on some of the food there but now Travelzoo Cardiff are offering a discount voucher for James Sommerin giving 2 dinners a 6 course tasting menu for £79. The usual price of the 6 course taster menu at James Sommerin is £70 each so it’s a 43% discount meaning you pay just £39.50 per head.

If you haven’t heard of James Sommerin before, they have been won many restaurant accolades over the years but 2016 has been their year after being awarded the coveted title of AA Restaurant of the Year for Wales and more recently their first Michelin Star so do they do seem to know what their doing behind the cooker.

With it’s picturesque views out over Penarth to match the expertly crafty gastronomic plates this is the perfect place to celebrate with friends and family as you can upgrade the restaurant discount voucher at James Sommerin to include 4 dinners too. That’s not all if you’re feeling up to it you can get a discounted 9 course taster menu for 2 for an extra £20 per person and not for the faint hearted the 14 course Chefts Table experience for the ultimate indulgence with a glass of champagne at £199 instead of £325 or £395 for 4 dinners.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t feeling too excited by the 6 course taster menu but the 9 course menu does have a few more red meat dishes and the addition of pidgeon to tempt me snapping this deal up. It would make a great Christmas present for any food loving family members plus if you get it for them they might just take you with them so it’s a win win!

The discount voucher at James Sommerin restaurant based in Penarth is available for lunch from 12 – 2.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday between 2nd January and 30th April 2017

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So what is the Wriggle Deal?

Yesterday’s Wriggle Cardiff deal was a discount voucher for Time & Beef in Cardiff offering 1 x burger, 1 x cheese, 1 x topping, 1 sauce and 1 fries for just £7.95 instead of £12.95 on the most expensive options in the burger.

When is the Wriggle deal and discount available at Time & Beef in Cardiff?

I purchased mine yesterday evening on the way to Time & Beef as the window of opportunity to use the discount voucher was 6pm – 7.30pm but i’ve seen today that the voucher is also available on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd November 2016 but do keep checking as I’m sure it will be a regular if it proves popular, which i’m pretty sure it will be.

Do you fancy getting and even bigger discount at Time & Beef?

Wriggle Discount code : AUHPSS

Head over to the Wriggle Cardiff website or app and sign up as a new member then select referral in the left hand menu. Click the redeem a code in the top right of the page and enter the Wriggle discount code AUHPSS to get a further £3 off your order and getting you the Time & Beef deal for just £4.95.


About the visit to Time & Beef

This one has been a long time coming and i’ve wanted to try Time & Beef since I first saw a picture shared on Facebook back sometime in the Summer but just haven’t had chance to try it till last night. Having a deal show up on the Wriggle Cardiff app giving a discount at Time & Beef swayed me a bit to especially as I had a meeting in Holiday Inn at 7:45pm and I had 1 hour 45 to kill as I got in to Cardiff at 6pm. Out came the new iphone 7 that I’d bitten the bullet and bought on the weekend (and still trying to get my head around after being an android geek for 8 years!) and tapped the address into google maps from the Holiday Inn and it’s just 0.6 miles and a nice 12 minute stroll up to Canton to work up an appetite for what local legend has it the coveted title of “Best burger in Cardiff”.

I wasn’t entirely sure where it was until I got close but realised it’s just across the road from another favourite of mine in Canton Kimchi the Korean BBQ Restaurant. Well it’s the only other place I’ve eaten in Canton so far apart from Miss Millies but I haven’t even had one of those for years and there are quite a few good eateries popping up and been going for some time worth giving a go.

As I was in between finishing work and my next appointment this was one of the rare occasions I was dinning alone and was a bit aprehensive about looking like a loner in the corner tucking into my food but luckily it wasn’t too busy and had ample seating on the stools and table up the front of the restaurant. I liked the decor with the rough and ready industrial vibe going on that’s all the rage right now with lot’s of reclaimed wood, benches making the most of scaffholding beams and some funky dangly lighting i’d taken a shine too in Ikea recently.

I did notice a set of decks taking a permanent fixture close to the door, which weren’t being used at the time but looks like they’ve got some music and beef orgy going on at some point during the week.

I’d had a quick browse at the menu on the website before hand but i’m so indecisive I hadn’t quite decided especially as they employ the build your own method of choosing food and they claim to offer a 40k+ different combinations with all the options you get to choose from.

The Buns

One thing I did like was the option to choose your own bread roll and with the choices on offer delivered fresh each day from

artisan bread maker Alex Gooch, who i’d noticed the week before stocks in Waitrose in Pontrennau. There’s a choice of 4 rolls with the standard gourmet burger option the brioche, a 7 seed potato bun and vegan options the potato bun or mixed grain brown bun.

The Burgers

They don’t just cater for the carnivorous vultures there’s a choice of beef, chicken breast, welsh lamb, citrus white fish or 4 bean with feta & beet crisp.

The Cheeses

We all love a slice of plastic cheese bubling, dripping and singeing our arm hairs as it drips down your arm when we cook our own burgers at a summer BBQ but you’ve cot choices galore when it comes to cheeses too with:

Mozzarella, cheddar, halloumi, feta, brie or stilton to adhorn your impending meaty masterpiece.

The toppings

Toppings come in two tiers the meat priced at £1.50 per item and the veggies adding £1 per item added to your bun mountain.

Meat options are: pulled pork, chorizo and bacon

Vegetable options: grilled chilli, warmed pineapple, roasted peppers, guacamole, gherkins, fried egg, sauteed mushrooms, beer battered onion rings, crispy onions, mixed salad, jalapenos, house slaw, house potato chips

The Sauces

The crowning glory of any burger and something that can make or break even the most masterfully prepared burger is the sauce. It can just give it the edge if it compliments the contents over other burgers on offer at other restaurants and luckily there’s a few tasty options to choose from including:

BBQ, mayo, garlic mayo, mustard, mint, raita, horseradish, salsa, sour cream, sweet chilli, brown or tomato sauce.


What did I go for?

After what felt like 4 hours of deliberating I finally come down to a combo of potato bun for a change as I’m a bit sick to death of brioche buns the past week, halloumi as I’ve liked that a few times on my burgers at home, beef patty as I wanted to compare against the other 2 contenders Got Beef and The Grazing Shed, pulled pork for an extra protein hit plus i’ve been smashing the free bacon from Cure and Simple lately, opted for an extra topping of guacamole on top of what the Wriggle deal included but thought i’d push the boat out for a quid then for an added bit of heat the chiptole sauce.

So what did I call my creation?

The guys and Time & Beef add a bit of fun to the burger building process and ask you to name your monster burger with mine being the Holy Fecking Moley for obvious reasons.

So what’s the verdict?

It wouldn’t be hard as my burger had arrived before I sat down at Grazing Shed on Saturday but took a bit longer to come than from them but after the rubber esque block of miserable beef they served up to me I’d come to the conclusion you can’t rush perfection. Having said that it didn’t take that long about 15 mins as everything is cooked to order unlike the one I had Saturday and there were a couple of people who were waiting before I made my order.

The staff were really friendly and made sure I had everything I needed before I wrapped my gums around the food from stabbing devices, sauces and napkins which was definitely needed due to the size of the burger and length of my flavour savours keeping my face warm at present.

The knife was a good option to cut the patty and bun into two as there was no way that was fitting into my mouth and would of lost half the contents had I attempted it in one. The bun was a generous size to hold it all in and to keep it’s structure with the wet ingredients inside.

The beef patty was the most most and juicy I’d ever tasted although the hunk of pulled pork on top acted to self baste the burger with each bite and the halloumi added a bit of saltiness but kept its shape unlike more softer cheeses like chedar normally do but that does give a sexy pic with it oozing down the sides on squeezing the burger.

There was a good dollop of guac to accompany the other toppings and not too much that I had half of it over my face and down my arms. The skin on fries tossed in garlic and herbs was a nice addition too and similar to that offered at Hogwurst although the enamel tray they put them in meant they could swim in the herby butter came with lovely wad of cheese on top too. The portion offies wasn’t very big although paired with the potato bun I had more than enough carbs to contend with as it was and didn’t take me over the edge in terms of bloatedness.

I wasn’t feeling overly hungry on my walk there and was trying to stick to the Wriggle deal to not spend a fortune with just a £1 for the extra topping of guac and £4 for the pint fo Tiny Rebel Cwtch but my next visit I’ll be going all out with a monster of a burger believe me!

I did get halfway through my burger by the time I’d realised there wasn’t much heat coming from the burger and was a bit sweet in comparison to what i’d ordered so I think they had forgot to add the chiptole and was just the sauce coming from the pulled pork but I enjoyed it never the less. One other thing I don’t think it came with any salad/onions/tomatoes/gherkins as standard these would of been added extras for a cost and at £1 per item gherkins and some lettuce would set you back £2 on top.


So would I come back?

Yes I will be going back and I would definitely recommend the place as it currently sits at the top of my Best Burger in Cardiff table to date but I would suggest an ongoing burger special for those who like me like to go to a burger restaurant and have the experts (those cooking the burger) put together a killer combo of ingredients or something not actually on the list of toppings and sauces. That’s one of the reasons I’ve not taken to 5 guys as I thought they took the easy option giving the customer all the hard work of putting flavours and combo’s together but not everyone is good at doing that on the spot and I do like the restaurant to be creative and put something seasonal or current together for a change.

One other thing I know I had a wriggle deal and got 1 x burger, 1 topping, 1 sauce and 1 fries for £7.95 if you were going there any other time and if you wanted to create a mammoth burger the price does creep up quite quickly if you wanted 3 or 4 toppings you would be looking at around £17 for a burger and chips yet Got Beef who do put combos together for you to pick such as the Heisenburger with the blue crystal meth esque onions that comes with around 4 toppings with fries would be around £12, which if you’re two parents with 2 or 3 kids you won’t be getting much change out of £100.

Don’t forget to use the Wriggle discount code AUHPSS once you’ve singed up on the Wriggle website or app to get a further £3 off your order including the already discounted Time & Beef burger and fries deal.

I would say Science Cream is one of Cardiff’s greatest secret’s as most of my friend’s i’ve mentioned them to haven’t heard or seen the crazy scientist at work in the frosted cloudy kitchen concocting oodles of velvety smooth ice cream to sooth your throat like a whole packet of tunes on the head. If you want to try the freshest ice cream know to man then it’s impossible to get it fresher anywhere else as it’s made fresh to order… in front of your eyes within 60 seconds!!

How do they do this?? Liquid nitrogen of course! The cream and flavour pairings are placed into a kitchen aid, powered up then doused in liquid nitrogen that sets the liquid to ice in a matter of seconds but as the process of freezing is super quick then the ice particles are minute meaning it’s probably the creamiest ice cream i’ve ever shovelled into my greedy mouth.

I’ve tried Science Cream a couple of times with their residency at a few of the Depot events in Cardiff last year but i’ve been wanting to take my younger sister to sample the expertly crafted icy flavour bombs they have churning away in the kitchen aid’s plus i want to try the ultimate homemade chocolate on the menu at the ice cream parlour as they haven’t unleashed that to the pop up food fest fans just yet.


My first batch of Science Cream ice cream was the salted caramel topped with nuggets of salted peanut brittle drowned in rivers of salted caramel sauce…mmmm I can still remember my eyes lighting up when I exchanged my shrapnel for my tub!

If you’re not into your food festival pop up’s or just looking for somewhere to take the kids in half term that is sure to keep them quiet for 10 minutes then Science Cream are offering customers a liquid nitrogen fuelled ice cream tub with a sauce of their choice then to get the internal temperature of your mouths and throat back up to room temperature a cup of their famous hot chocolate for just £4 with Livingsocial.

Don’t fancy going alone? They are also offering 2 customers the same for £8 or 4 customers for £16 dinning at the same time.

Based in 28 Castle Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1BW that’s just opposite the arcade by you’ve guessed it Cardiff Castle and just off St Mary Street so you can’t get much more central in town.

Use the Science Cream discount voucher against ice cream and hot chocolate over half term with the kids or if not then it can be used up till 30th April 2016 and valid Wednesday – Saturday 12-6pm or Sunday 12-5pm.

Park House is a true hidden gem in the heart of Cardiff as it’s not on the normal trail whilst out shopping or hitting the bars on St Mary Street. The grade 1 listed building of Park House was built by none other than the Marquis of Bute the man behind many of Cardiff and the surrounding areas most prominent buildings such as Castell Coch and the additional buildings of Cardiff Castle with the help of his chief architect William Burges. With Cadw describing it as “perhaps the most important 19th century house in Wales” so you know not to expect modern design there as it sticks to it’s heritage and tradition.

I only came across the restaurant myself whilst browsing some daily deals websites with the 7 course taster menu jumping out at me I didn’t waste any time checking out the menu and had my card out within seconds of coming to the end of the expertly designed menu offerings. The didn’t last long as other viewers were quick to snap up the amazing deal.

I didn’t use the voucher up until about a month ago after purchasing it in April due to other commitments and getting a free weekend off with my fellow diner but we were mightily impressed with with what was presented to us. I love my macarons but not the biggest fan of crab so was in equal minds whether or not I would take to the crab macaron starter but i was pleasantly surprised how well the sweetness of the french macaron shell complimented the shellfish.

Also brought to us on the evening as part of the taster menu were the Roast Chestnut Pannacotta, Atlantic Halibut and my favourite New Season Scottish Moors Grouse for main course as I’m always a big game fan if it’s on the menu plus I got double helpings of the breast as my friend isn’t too keen on rich game meat although they enjoyed the leg & foie gras bon bon that accompanied it.

What I was most surprised at was the pain perdu, tonka bean brulee with spiced ice cream as I’d never ever fancied creme brulee as I’ve always thought it was quite old fasioned for my linking but was the best desert I’d had in some time plus I’m a sucker for spiced rum and all things christmassy and brought the Christmas feel out with this winter taster menu option.

The cocktails on offer looked amazing and they do a selection of matching wines for the meals but I ordered a bottle thinking it would be a while till we were seated but we were shown to our table within 5 minutes and the bottle was over £40 of a Bordeux so didn’t fancy paying another £40+ plus each on top so we stuck to two bottles of the red instead.

The 7 Course Taster Menu discount has just been re-advertised on Travelzoo Local for just £69 meaning it’s essentially two for 1 as that’s a 50% discount with it usually costing the same amount per person. When you add it up that’s 14 courses for less than £5 each and trust me you will not find anywhere in the capital serving morsels of pleasure on the tongue for that cheap.

I’ve been absolutely dying to try the food at Hogwurst since seeing a post they shared on Facebook of one of their smoked, pork mountain delights and someone on my friends list shared it. I added them straight away and spent the next half hour dribbling over my keyboard at the creative geniuses behind the kitchen with not only their hotdog specials but the cakes on offer looking amazeballs too! They also happened to do macarons, which i also have a slight obsession with.

Hogwurst is a coffee shop and cafe aimed at students with it being smack in the middle of student central on North Road amongst the student halls of residents around the corner from the Aston Martin garage on the way into Cardiff Town Centre so the prices are pretty reasonable anyway. I don’t go to Cardiff as often as I used to and if I do i rarely drive and catch the train so I haven’t managed to try the sausages but I did park up opposite in the car park of the Blackweir Tavern to see what sugary coated goodness they had on offer that day on my way home from eating my own bodyweight in beef at Got Beef.

burger macaronI was bitterly disappointed though from seeing the cakes they had been churning out and posting on Facebook around the time as they only had two macarons left but it was late afternoon and it was midweek so i had to make do with a takeaway for the drive home.

The guys have even created a burger dessert made out of macaron complete with sesame seeded bun now how cool is that! I think I need to sample the cakes on a weekend and early before they all go the next time i’m passing the cafe.

Livingsocial have an awesome deal this week offering a discount voucher for Hogwurst, which includes one of their infamous pork creations, side of fries with hot or cold drink for two people for just £12 with a £23 value or 4 diners for £23 with £46 value.

There’s a great range of options of hotdogs in the deal from your bog standard The Hot Dog – with fresh onions, mustard & ketchup or for those spice lovers The Chilli Dog – with chipotle beef chilli con carne, jalapenos, crispy onions, melted cheese, bashed Doritos shards, mustard & ketchup.

Not for the faint hearted is the newly launched The Dogfather – our Italian inspired pizza dog. Tom’s tomato marinara sauce, melted cheese, grilled peperoni, fresh diced onions and peppers and topped with bashed Dorito shards.

The fries don’t come plain either with the choice of the following:

Simple Fries – lightly salted

Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper

Orchard – apple cider vinegar & sea salt

Garlic Fries

Amigos fries – paprika and Cajun spicing

Truffle Fries – tossed in truffle oil with micro planed parmesan cheese

Cheesey Fries – grated mature cheddar

Oh and did I mention they do BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE!

Head over to LivingSocial to get your Hogwurst discount voucher in Cardiff to feed the other half or take the family out with 4 diners for £23 offer and you can use it up until 13th September 2015.

I’ve loved a good pie since i was a kid but it wasn’t until a short stint in Oz that I became slightly obsessed with the flaky pastry topped, gravy laden meaty goodness that is Pie Face! What’s Pie Face you ask? Bite sized, golden crumbed pockets oozing with your favourite filling topped with a big smily face that donned every street corner as far as the eye could see amptly paired with a generous dollop of mash, peas and a good glug of gravy. What other stodgy delights could help you soak up your 10 scooners of Tooheys at 4am on Kings Cross?

I had visions of opening up my own Pie Face rip off on my immediate return from down under in Cardiff’s capital as pie and mash restaurants were doing the rounds in London at the time too but not seen anyone challenge the good ole trusty Clarke’s Pie in the capital. That said these were only left to go stale for hours on end next to a mouldy rissole in a glass heater in Chippy lane and nothing compared to the selection of meaty parcels offered by Pie face coupled by option to stack it with mash, peas and gravy and the fact you could buy a a multipack of up to 12 for the taxi ride home and breakfast!

The first and only dedicated Pie and mash shop in Cardiff called Pie Minister, which is a chain opened over a year ago nearly 3 years after I got back from Australia so I could of sweeped right up there! I popped in one Saturday afternoon to sample the pie’s on offer as I don’t do much shopping in Cardiff these days opting for shopping online instead and browsed the fine selection of Pie’s on offer whilst i sipped a tankard of their Bounders cider, which was on draft that day. Me being me couldn’t just go for pie on it’s own, which probably wouldn’t of touched the sides and needed a sub from New York Deli to walk to the train with to fill me up so I went straight to the top of the menu and ordered THE MOTHERSHIP!
pie minister discount voucher cardiff
I picked the Moo and Blue my favourite flavoured pie in the world ever beef and stilton after eating my own bodyweight in beef and stilton cornish pasties from the Cornish Bakehouse over the years on Church Street. Now the mothership as the name would suggest wasn’t just your bog standard pie it came with all the trimmings with mash on the plate but ramekins filled with chunks of cheddar cheese, crispy shallots, minted mushy peas and a healthy portion of yummy gravy! I had to go one better with a wedge of crusty bread and butter to mop up the gravy and any remnants of the beefy blue cheese centre!

Due to me being too lazy to shop around Cardiff these days and opting to shop from the comfort of my sofa I haven’t been back to Pie Minister yet but browsing through the daily deals websites this week one deal was jumping out at me!

You can get a Pie Minister discount meal for 2 people consisting of your choice of pie upgraded to the mothership with all the sides and toppings you could want to add extra flavour and texture to washed down with a good pint of of draught Bath Gem, Bounders cider or Freedom lager, or a pint of draught cola, diet cola, or lemonade for just £15 saving you 50% on the normal price they charge. I had to pay that for myself the last time and have successfully attempted a meal for 2 myself on many occassions but this would end me and look like i’d just had a hernia if i attempted two plates of some of the best pie’s in Cardiff.

You can use the Pie Minister discount voucher up to October and can even upgrade and get the same 50% savings for a group of 4 for just £30. Great for keeping in the wallet or purse for when your out for an impromptu shop with the other half or kids and sick to death of McDonald’s or Burger King and who wants a scabby burger you could use as tracing paper it’s that thin over Great Taste Gold award winning pies and as much stodge as you can shake a stick at! Pie Minister is located just a few doors away from Mcdonalds on St Mary Street too if you can’t find it.

This week Livingsocial Cardiff are offering a restaurant discount voucher for Chapel 1877 giving you a two course meal from the A la Carte menu including a glass of wine each for two dinners for just £35 up to the value of £71.50. If you fancy making it a double date you can get an £143 spend for 4 for just £68 saving at least a 50% discount at Chapel 1877 Restaurant in Cardiff.

I’d heard mixed reviews of the Chapel 1877, Cardiff’s latest fine dinning restaurant as you might of guessed in a converted Chapel on Churchill Way just behind the Motorpoint Arena, around the corner from St David’s 2 shopping centre and less than a 5 minute walk from Queen Street train station.

One thing i’ve learned about restaurants is you can’t please everyone and everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to eating so I thought i’d just have to find out about the food at the Chapel myself and was lucky that my works Christmas do was booked to go there for food last Friday night.

There were over 20 of us booked in for the Christmas lunch and I didn’t hear a bad word from anyone about the food they got served up and I thought it was delicious. I opted for Chicken Liver and Foie Gras parfait with chutney and toasted brioche to start, which was creamy but not too rich as Foie Gras sometimes is on it’s own and there was sufficient amount of bread to spread onto and not the one triangle of bread you sometimes get in restaurants with pate starter.

sea bass main course at Chapel 1877 in Cardiff

For main I opted for the Anglesey Sea Bass on crab, chilli and olive oil mash with a healthy drizzle of brown shrimp, samphire and chive butter to give the dish another level of flavour and moisture although the mash was creamed to perfection anyway. I was a bit worried i wouldn’t like the mash with the crab as I’ve never opted to try crab whilst dinning out before but it was scrummy.

I was a bit boring on the dessert and went for the cheese board as I’m a bit of a cheese monster and even though there was a good selection of cheeses on the plate, a mixture of breads and crackers I was a bit envious of my workmates chocolate torte sitting next to me.

These were being washed down by a good selection of cocktails from the bar and I made my was through a few different concoctions. I thought the cocktails seemed a bit steep at £7.50 a pop but there was a great selection of different cocktails i’d never tried before and after venturing onto Vodka Revolution after it I was paying exactly the same for quite average tasting spirit infused fruit juice served in a metal bean tin.

I’ll definitely be sampling the standard A La Carte menu after Christmas and making the most of the Livingsocial discount voucher for the Chapel 1877 as it’s not valid for the month of December probably due to it being packed out with Christmas work bookings but with the discount voucher you can use it up to 28th February 2015.