The moment Cardiff has been waiting for since the whispers that Burger and Lobster were planning opening their first restaurant outside of London and in none other than the Welsh Capital is nearly upon us.

Cardiff’s Burger and Lobster restaurant have just announced they are opening their doors to eager lobster lovers on December 12th 2014.

If you haven’t heard of Burger and Lobster then you should be ashamed of yourself!! Yes really, actually we’ll forgive you but be sure to go check it out. The menu is quite extensive with Burger…and lobster, yes that’s it! No menu just straight up ground beef from the best flavoured steak in the world (according to them), corn fed Nebraska beef and lobster from the deeps of the Atlantic Ocean.

And the price of the food at Burger and Lobster? Whatever option you go for will cost £20 so that’s the burger and fries, lobster and fries of the lobster in brioche roll and fries. I know i’ll probably be buying one of each of the burger and lobster to share when it does open just to see if the beef really is that good it warrants £20.

Unlike some of the London venues Burger and Lobster in Cardiff will be taking reservations with up to 10 people for lunch and parties of 4-10 for dinner with seating for around 300 people. If the first opening on Welsh soil is anything like the London venue’s then that will be a god send as they are queuing down the street to get their hands on some of the best and cheapest lobster dinner available.

Burger and Lobster Cardiff Contact Details:

UNIT 29-11
CF10 1AH

SUN 12PM- 10:00PM