So last week I decided to explore a bit more of North Wales considering i’ve probably visited more of England than my home country. I flew to Anglesey from Cardiff and not sure where to visit at first and it still being quite early I decided on a drive to Colwyn Bay to sample breakfast at Bryn Williams at Port Eirias.

It took a bit a while to get to the promenade as there were signs up saying road closed yet no other road to get to Bryn Williams restaurant on the front so we took life in our own hands and sped past the signs and parked up outside.

The place seemed to be nestled inside a visitor centre on the front of Colwyn Bay and looked like a collaboration between the local council and the well known Welsh Chef no doubt taking on local food college student’s to teach them a trade by dishing out well presented plates to visitors of the beach front location.


I loved the decor inside although it did look like it was built then dropped in the middle of a community centre and didn’t quite blend in to the rest of the building but then that’s not their problem as the rest of the building seemed to be council run with a lot smaller budget. There were plenty of Bryn William’s latest books scattered around on the book shelves for you to take a look at and add to your order and if the weather wasn’t like a monsoon outside it would of been an amazing view with breakfast or lunch. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let you take the food outside if the sun was out but it was just my luck it was grey, wet and miserable out there.


I’ve been on a mission of late to sample as many breakfasts as possible in hope that it will spurn me on to keep this blog up to date and keeping in with my usual full breakfast and to compare it to last week’s one at the Angel Hotel in Abergavenny I settled for the same.

The Food

So on expecting the menu and browsing the Facebook page the smashed avocado and runny poached egg did start me salivating but for a fair comparison to the Angel full breakfast it was only right I ordered the same here although I skipped on the Bloody Mary seeing that I had to drive to Chester for the night after i’d finished my food.

The full breakfast contained the following:

  • Sausage wheel
  • Poached egg
  • 2 rashers of bacon
  • Gilled Tomato
  • Flat mushroom

I was asked if I wanted toast, which I quite rightly agreed to with no mention of the extra £1.50 charge on top of the £8.50 I wasn’t impressed when this showed up on the bill.

Instead of the Bloody Mary like last week I opted for a blend of breakfast teas in a pot for £3 and had enough for just over 2 cups and was a good brew to be fair but I was a bit disappointed with the breakfast. The black pudding, which I’ve been a recent convert after only knowing charcoal briquette like examples from a burger van I was put off for years was the saving grace on the plate and was the best i’ve tried yet. The breakfast was ok and i’ve probably had worse but it just didn’t fill me with excitement especially with the name of the chef above the door.

My fellow guest had the Eggs Royale again for a fair comparison to the ones ordered at the Angel the week before. I have to admit if I wasn’t so petrified of the sight and smell of avocado I would of been all over this as the portions were very generous and the oozing egg yolks paired with the creamy hollandaise did make me drool a little.

The verdict was very good for the Eggs Royale and i’d be tempted to try my favourite hangover cure Eggs Benedict a try or the avocado and eggs toast but I wouldn’t be in a hurry to go back from the full breakfast especially at £10 after the stealth tax on the toast added to the £8.50 cost. The Eggs Royale came in at the same price too but looked a lot more filling.

Total cost came in around £25 for the full breakfast, toast, eggs royale, coffee and tea.