So it’s Sunday morning/afternoon and you crawl out of bed, slide down the stairs on your ass and manage to make it to the fridge on all fours to try and and empty the contents inside in an attempt to make this pain go away…is it hunger…is it tiredness…is it a hangover…? Who cares, it wasn’t self inflicted it must of been the pint of water that took you over the edge before you collapsed onto the bed fully clothed last night but you need food inside you and you need it now!

A fry up is usually the only cure known to man for a hangover normally but there’s so much cooking, juggling sauce pans, frying pans, checking you don’t burn the toast and if you didn’t have a headache before you will by then! That is until now…i give to you THE ULTIMATE CHEESE TOASTIE!

This is a one pan wonder, which mean’s you can rest your head on the worktop as the frying pan does it’s magic and turns your dairy and cured meats into a perfect hangover busting combination without a shed load of washing up after it too!


So you can change this according to taste if you don’t like something then leave it out or replace it with something else but don’t go mental as the contents will spill out and the cheese will not marry the juicy goodness together and ruin this now staple Sunday morning plate of fried magic on a plate!


  • 2 pieces of your favourite bread
  • 1 rasher of bacon
  • 1 piece of salami about 1 inch thick from a whole sausage (I used picante the spicy one but whatever you prefer)
  • 1 half a red onion. Mine were tiny so 1/4 of a standard size should be enough
  • slices of your favourite cheese. I used a strong mature cheddar and didn’t need much as it was so strong.
  • 1 egg