Hi, I’m Nicky. I’m a Cardiff food blogger, craft ale quaffer and gin lover. 

Everyone who know’s me, know’s how obsessed I am with food in general and I’m forever getting asked where to go for food or a drink in and around Cardiff whether it’s just a quick pint or special meal for birthday’s or anniversaries so I thought it might be easier to document my travels local and afar on here. 

This blog was also set up to share some insight with other people living in Cardiff and South Wales from restaurant and bar launches, recent restaurant visits and food reviews, food recipes so I don’t forget how I cooked something as i’ve got a terrible memory along with local foodie and drink festivals.

I love a good bargain so I’ll be sure to highlight any local offers restaurant, foodie, beer or coffee deals worth taking advantage of that I’ve either bought myself or plan on purchasing around Cardiff.

You will find me showing off my recent gin purchases, cocktail experiments along with craft beer and IPA’s I’ve got in the fridge at the moment.

I wouldn’t claim to be a fitness fanatic by any stretch of the imagination but I have been a fan of Crossfit for the past 4 years & visit a number of gyms and bootcamps around Cardiff so you might find the odd gym review, nike metcon trainer launch and feedback or the latest Heavy Rep Gear drop.

You might also find menswear and fashion item’s i’ve got on my radar from time to time and outfit choices for upcoming events from my favourite online retailers.

Events and launches

I’m usually found attending restaurant and bar launches in and around Cardiff with fellow food blogger Mwsh.

If you would like us to both attend any upcoming menu, bar or restaurant launches please contant me on nickybgo2@gmail.com