Tiny Rebel discount voucher Cardiff on beer and burgers

Tiny Rebel have recently teamed up with independant daily deal app / website Wriggle offering a couple of different discounts at the Westgate Street venue.I snapped up the 3 bottles for £7 deal last week with the Wriggle Cardiff app giving you any 3 bottles under 6% abv but you can get another £2 off your first Wriggle deal using the discount code AUHPSS.

To add the discount code to your account, register on the Wriggle app, click the icon in the top left of the screen, click on Refer a friend then Redeem a code in the top right tab. Then enter the code AUHPSS and you get the 3 bottle discount at Tiny Rebel for even cheaper.

So how does Wriggle work? Log into the app or website, select your Town from Bristol, Brighton or Cardiff at present then choose which day you want to find a deal. When you find one for the day you are planning to visit, which unlike most other daily deals sites has to be within 4 days and you have to use it on the date and within the timeframe advertised on the deal for it to be valid.

If you’re feeling pekish or want to line the stomach before sinking a few crafty ones Tiny Rebel have also been offering any burger, skin on fries and a pint of cask beer, glass of wine, Tiny Rebel fav “Cwtch” or a soft drink for you sensible pub goers for just £5.99. 

Burgers aren’t as exotic looking as Burger Theory at Kongs on St Mary’s Street who also have a regular burger and fries Wriggle deal for around £7 but this does include a pint. They also happen to stock Tiny Rebel Cwtch on Tap at Kongs so that would cost you around £12 when you factor in the £5 for a pint.

Don’t forget though you can get the Tiny Rebel discount burger, fries and pint (wine or soft drink) for just £3.99 with the discount code AUHPSS on Wriggle

You really will struggle to get a pint for under £4 in Cardiff let alone a craft ale or glass of wine with a burger and fries! You couldn’t even get an unbiodegradable, plastic esque bag of mess from Maccy D’s for that price.

I didn’t go for the burger deal last week with my bottles as it wasn’t running the same night but I did sample a few of the small plates such as the poutine with gravy, fries and homemade cheese curds, the fries, sausage gravy and torn waffles along with the chilli roulette balls.

No complaints there really, decent price for around £3-5 for the small plates and were the perfect beer food snack. I hadn’t tried poutine previously and been dying to try it when I found out about them. The portions weren’t massive but then I wasn’t expecting them to be for around £4 and just fancied a graze with a beer. The little nuggets of creamy dairy melted in with the gravy and fries created a eutopia of stodge helped on it’s journey down my asopheogus with a couple of Wild Beer Co beers such as Breakfast of Champignions, which was my fav.

Chilli roulette cheese ball thingymagigs weren’t bad. I was expecting a bit more goeyness personally a la Burger King chilli cheese bites but they were quite sturdy inside. Taste was more than palatable and a good kick to them although they were advertised as being spicy with one crazy hot thrown in the mix for shits and giggles but they all tasted the same heat wise for me. Saying that I probably would order them again with a beer so no dramas.

I was gutted the poutine didn’t come with sausage gravy like the waffles but we ordered both just to compare. The waffles were slightly sweet, which played mind games paired with the savouryness of the fries and slather of meaty gravy. Having said that it was I did like the pairing and would recommend a bowl instead of your pork scratchings or dry roasted nuts next time you’re in Tiny Rebel.


Greys Restaurant afternoon tea discount at Hilton Hotel, Cardiff


The recently relaunched Grey’ s Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff are currently offering an afternoon tea discount for two guests for just £23 including a glass of bubbly.

With Cardiff Castle as the perfect backdrop to sample triple layered sandwiches, welsh cakes, scones with clotted cream and jam plus a selection of mini pastries such as macarons this afternoon tea discount voucher would make nice little Christmas gift for sisters, mums and grandmothers although not forgetting the male appreciators of sugary treats as I wouldn’t mind this one myself.

I bought one for my grandmother back last year when there was a similar discount on the afternoon tea at the Hilton but that was before the relaunch of the new Grey’s Restaurant and that didn’t include a glass of bubbly either so I’m sure it will be even better this time even though nanny Carole wasn’t complaining about hers anyway.

My mum decided to buy a separate voucher for her sister at the time but you can purchase an afternoon tea discount voucher for 4 too instead of messing around with multiple vouchers for just £45.

[button link=”https://www.travelzoo.com/uk/local-deals/Cardiff/Restaurant/268093/Hilton-Cardiff/” color=”default” size=”large” stretch=”” type=”” shape=”” target=”_self” title=”” gradient_colors=”|” gradient_hover_colors=”|” accent_color=”” accent_hover_color=”” bevel_color=”” border_width=”1px” icon=”” icon_divider=”yes” icon_position=”left” modal=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]Buy the Hilton Hotel afternoon tea discount voucher[/button]

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Wriggle Cardiff Discount Code and review

crafty devils brewing craft ale cans from Cardiff bottle shop

New on the daily deal discount scene if you haven’t heard about it yet is Wriggle. It popped up on my Facebook a week or two ago so i thought i’d have a nosey around on the site and signed up and to be fair i’ve been pretty impressed with the deals on offer so far in Cardiff since I signed up.

Instead of the usual chains and garbage you have to rummage through on some other well known daily deals sites they’ve hand picked some really good local favourites of mine with discounts from Crafty Devils Brewing Company, Chez Francis, Spit and Sawdust, Pizza Pronto, Dusty Knuckle Pizza’s and Lab22 cocktail bar to name but a few.

The first few deals that came through on Wriggle Cardiff happened to be lunch time deals but as I don’t live or work in Cardiff at the moment I (with tear in my eye) had to wait a whole 24 hours to see what deal they were pushing.

I waited too long to take advantage of the discount at Chez Francis with a 3 course meal and wine for just £11.50 so i’ve made it my mission to check first thing in the morning since then and bagged myself a 3 course cocktail taster at Lab22 on Chippy Lane in Cardiff for just £12.50 instead of the usual £25 but using the wriggle discount code AUHPSS I got £3 off so had 3 expertly crafted cocktails with side nibbles for just £9.50!! Absolute bargain.

espresso martini with lab22 discount voucher from with wriggle cardiff

I was hooked already and was gutted with tonights offer of 5 x 1/3 pints at Crafty Devil Brewing Companies bar and bottle shop with bar snacks for just £5 as I was up nanny Carole’s for Tuesday night supper up the pub! Bearing in mind I had 4 x 1/3 and a pint in Brewdog for £20.50 on Saturday night this was a real steal if you ask me.

All was not lost though as I’ve booked in for a £3 pizza and drink at Pitch on Mill Lane tomorrow night. I would of even pushed the boat out for a double header with pizza again from Award winning Dusty Knucle Pizza for just £2 on Thursday night, which is just up the road from the Crafty Brewing Company in Canton but I’d I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Gin Fest that night down the bay. I’m hoping to sample some new botanically infused white liquor and hopefully stock up on some 1724 tonic water whilst i’m there too as I’m running low from my recent trip to get some in Harvey Nichs in Bristol.

So why is Wriggle different to other daily deals sites?

The difference between Wriggle and other daily deals like Groupon and Livingsocial is that when you buy from them you have roughly 3 months from purchase to use it but with Wriggle they advertise the deal for a specific day in the next coming week and between the window of opportunity like 5pm-9pm for example and you have to use the deal then and only then. They also don’t seem to have the somewhat infinite amount of vouchers available like some other sites but then that’s probably down to the size of the traders and because it’s only available for exchange between a few hours on a specific day but that’s what makes it better in my eyes.

I’ve lost count how many times i’ve bought a daily deals voucher with no idea when i’m going to use it in the next few months whereas with Wriggle there’s a sense of urgency and I like the knowledge in knowing I’m going to use it and sample some great local food and drink in a day or two and makes you move your ass to sort it out asap.

I’m not sure if the deals are going to feature some of the local favourite independent traders in the future as heavily as it has done in the launch and for such amazing prices but let’s hope they don’t take the easy option and poison the site with chain after chain like some other daily deal sites.

Sign up to Wriggle Cardiff and discount code

You can sign up for Wriggle Cardiff here but have also launched in other large cities in the UK too to take advantage of but make sure you use the Wriggle discount code AUHPSS to get money off your first deal.