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My homemade holy moly guacamole the best you will ever taste!


I don’t mind avocado but as long as they are paired with some something to cut through the creaminess like a bit of spice or bacon. My favourite thing to do with avocado and is super easy and can be used to transform simple snacks or lunch for work plus it’s got no horrible nasties in it, just fresh, natural ingredients that are great for adults and for a healthy addition to your child’s lunchbox if they like the bit of spice or you can leave out the chilli.

I wouldn’t say I follow a Paleo diet as such but i do try to keep it healthy through the week along with my Crossfit sessions about 3 times a week as I do like to let my hair down on the weekend by pigging out on all the foods I want to eat and have a bit of a tipple whether it’s a vintage cider, spiced rum or a good bottle of Marlborough Sauv Blanc.

This easy peasy guacamole can be a great addition to add a bit of a kick and extra flavour to your Paleo diet with healthy natural fats from the guacamole, vitamin c from the tomatoes and the kick from the chilli to give your metabolism a bit of a boost.

I’m fed up of eating out and ordering guacamole as a side dish or on my nachos and not being able to taste anything compared to my favourite homemade guacamole. I don’t buy avocado very often due to the price as I have to be in the mood for it and more often than not i buy it, leave it in the fridge and forget about it and by the time i go to use it, it’s gone brown and mushy.

I do pick up a couple though in the condemned aisle in Tesco as it’s always worth a browse in there on my way home from Crossfit as I find they are always too hard when you buy them normally and always have to leave them till gone the sell by date to use as you can’t mash them and they quite often have them reduced down to 10p instead of over £1.


  • 1 large avocado
  • 2 cherry tomatoes chopped
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1/4 red pepper
  • 1/2 to 1 chilli depending on your preferred heat
  • 1 lime
  • A few stalks of coriander to taste (optional as I just tend to use up ingredients in the fridge to make the guacamole and never usually have this to hand and refuse to pay over £1 for it just to make guacamole)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone. Take a dessert spoon and scrape around the edges then scoop out the half of avocado in one. Turn it over so the flat side is down and to make it easier to mash i slice it thinly length ways and then again the other directions into small chunks and put into a bowl so that you can mash it with a fork.
  2. Slice the cherry tomatoes thinly and then chop the slices into small pieces.
  3. Chop the root off the spring onions and the majority of the green leaves leaving mainly the white flesh and slice diagonally in thin slices.
  4. Cut the pepper into thin strips and then again into small chunks.
  5. Chop the coriander up finely
  6. Chop the chilli up as small as possible and add all the chopped vegetables to the bowl with the avocado.
  7. Tip the 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder on top of the other ingredients and a good season with salt and pepper.
  8. Roll the lime on the table or work surface in the palm of your hand to release the juice inside from it’s flesh so that when you cut it in half you can squeeze every last drop out into the bowl of ingredients. Cut the lime in half squeezing half the lime into the guacamole bowl and mix so everything is mixed together.
  9. Cover with cling film and put in the fridge for the flavours to marry together for an hour or two till you need it.
  10. I keep the other half of the lime to squeeze onto the mixture just before serving and mixing it into the avocado.

You can serve this with tortilla chips with salsa, jalapenos, pulled pork, refried beans and a mixture of different cheeses put in a ramekin, melted in the microwave an poured on top to make nacho cheese.

You can use the avocado to top burgers, have as a side to steak or in a wrap with sliced steak, spread on a pitta to accompany spiced chicken fillets or as a dip for fresh homemade vegetable crisps.

How to make the best cheese toastie in the world!

So it’s Sunday morning/afternoon and you crawl out of bed, slide down the stairs on your ass and manage to make it to the fridge on all fours to try and and empty the contents inside in an attempt to make this pain go away…is it hunger…is it tiredness…is it a hangover…? Who cares, it wasn’t self inflicted it must of been the pint of water that took you over the edge before you collapsed onto the bed fully clothed last night but you need food inside you and you need it now!

A fry up is usually the only cure known to man for a hangover normally but there’s so much cooking, juggling sauce pans, frying pans, checking you don’t burn the toast and if you didn’t have a headache before you will by then! That is until now…i give to you THE ULTIMATE CHEESE TOASTIE!

This is a one pan wonder, which mean’s you can rest your head on the worktop as the frying pan does it’s magic and turns your dairy and cured meats into a perfect hangover busting combination without a shed load of washing up after it too!


So you can change this according to taste if you don’t like something then leave it out or replace it with something else but don’t go mental as the contents will spill out and the cheese will not marry the juicy goodness together and ruin this now staple Sunday morning plate of fried magic on a plate!


  • 2 pieces of your favourite bread
  • 1 rasher of bacon
  • 1 piece of salami about 1 inch thick from a whole sausage (I used picante the spicy one but whatever you prefer)
  • 1 half a red onion. Mine were tiny so 1/4 of a standard size should be enough
  • slices of your favourite cheese. I used a strong mature cheddar and didn’t need much as it was so strong.
  • 1 egg


The Chapel 1877 Cardiff Fine Dinning Restaurant Discount Voucher with 50 percent discount

This week Livingsocial Cardiff are offering a restaurant discount voucher for Chapel 1877 giving you a two course meal from the A la Carte menu including a glass of wine each for two dinners for just £35 up to the value of £71.50. If you fancy making it a double date you can get an £143 spend for 4 for just £68 saving at least a 50% discount at Chapel 1877 Restaurant in Cardiff.

I’d heard mixed reviews of the Chapel 1877, Cardiff’s latest fine dinning restaurant as you might of guessed in a converted Chapel on Churchill Way just behind the Motorpoint Arena, around the corner from St David’s 2 shopping centre and less than a 5 minute walk from Queen Street train station.

One thing i’ve learned about restaurants is you can’t please everyone and everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to eating so I thought i’d just have to find out about the food at the Chapel myself and was lucky that my works Christmas do was booked to go there for food last Friday night.

There were over 20 of us booked in for the Christmas lunch and I didn’t hear a bad word from anyone about the food they got served up and I thought it was delicious. I opted for Chicken Liver and Foie Gras parfait with chutney and toasted brioche to start, which was creamy but not too rich as Foie Gras sometimes is on it’s own and there was sufficient amount of bread to spread onto and not the one triangle of bread you sometimes get in restaurants with pate starter.

sea bass main course at Chapel 1877 in Cardiff

For main I opted for the Anglesey Sea Bass on crab, chilli and olive oil mash with a healthy drizzle of brown shrimp, samphire and chive butter to give the dish another level of flavour and moisture although the mash was creamed to perfection anyway. I was a bit worried i wouldn’t like the mash with the crab as I’ve never opted to try crab whilst dinning out before but it was scrummy.

I was a bit boring on the dessert and went for the cheese board as I’m a bit of a cheese monster and even though there was a good selection of cheeses on the plate, a mixture of breads and crackers I was a bit envious of my workmates chocolate torte sitting next to me.

These were being washed down by a good selection of cocktails from the bar and I made my was through a few different concoctions. I thought the cocktails seemed a bit steep at £7.50 a pop but there was a great selection of different cocktails i’d never tried before and after venturing onto Vodka Revolution after it I was paying exactly the same for quite average tasting spirit infused fruit juice served in a metal bean tin.

I’ll definitely be sampling the standard A La Carte menu after Christmas and making the most of the Livingsocial discount voucher for the Chapel 1877 as it’s not valid for the month of December probably due to it being packed out with Christmas work bookings but with the discount voucher you can use it up to 28th February 2015.


Burger and Lobster Cardiff opening date

The moment Cardiff has been waiting for since the whispers that Burger and Lobster were planning opening their first restaurant outside of London and in none other than the Welsh Capital is nearly upon us.

Cardiff’s Burger and Lobster restaurant have just announced they are opening their doors to eager lobster lovers on December 12th 2014.

If you haven’t heard of Burger and Lobster then you should be ashamed of yourself!! Yes really, actually we’ll forgive you but be sure to go check it out. The menu is quite extensive with Burger…and lobster, yes that’s it! No menu just straight up ground beef from the best flavoured steak in the world (according to them), corn fed Nebraska beef and lobster from the deeps of the Atlantic Ocean.

And the price of the food at Burger and Lobster? Whatever option you go for will cost £20 so that’s the burger and fries, lobster and fries of the lobster in brioche roll and fries. I know i’ll probably be buying one of each of the burger and lobster to share when it does open just to see if the beef really is that good it warrants £20.

Unlike some of the London venues Burger and Lobster in Cardiff will be taking reservations with up to 10 people for lunch and parties of 4-10 for dinner with seating for around 300 people. If the first opening on Welsh soil is anything like the London venue’s then that will be a god send as they are queuing down the street to get their hands on some of the best and cheapest lobster dinner available.

Burger and Lobster Cardiff Contact Details:

UNIT 29-11
CF10 1AH

SUN 12PM- 10:00PM

Cheapest Nuts n More nut butters online

I was a late starter on peanut butter as it wasn’t as popular in the UK as it is in the US and it has had more of a serge in the UK over the past couple of years due to Reeses peanut butter chocolates being more widely available and due to the increased knowledge of nutritional benefits and protein content for gym goers.

I didn’t really fancy it at first but tried my first experience of peanut butter with Reeses chocolate on a trip to Cancun and been a lover since. I’ve started to take a bit more interest in my fitness over the past two years since being introduced to Crossfit and always looking for alternative protein sources. I’m not the biggest fan of protein shakes as I always forget to take them plus i like to mix up my sources of food all the time as i do tend to get bored very easily eating and drinking the same thing all the time.

I’d tried the standard peanut butter from Tesco’s on oat cakes, rice cakes and topped on slices of apple and although ok I did get bored and never seem to finish a whole jar. I then came across almond butter on GO Nutrition and bought a bucket even though the smallest size they did was 1kg. I’ve used the almond butter like i had with the peanut butter but also tried it with a recent recipe i found for kale crisps and then as a seasoning on vegetable stir fry to give ti a satay like flavour instead of using unhealthy sauces that i haven’t a clue whats in them. It’s taken me quite some time to finish my bucket of almond butter so i sought out to find some new alternatives.

I was ordering some Strength Wraps for Crossfit from Cardiff Sports Nutrition and came across the Nuts n More range of nut butter and was quite intrigued by the varieties on offer that i’d not seen anywhere else especially having chocolate in a lot of them, which might tempt me from raiding the chocolate cupboard we have in work in the afternoon when i’m needing a pick me up.

On a quick browse online Cardiff Sports Nutrition seemed to do some of the cheapest prices for the Nuts n More nut butters too so I decided to get one of each of the peanut butter and almond butter and opted to cover both my bases when it came to sweet treats, which is chocolate and caramel/toffee. I went for the Nuts n More Peanut Toffee Crunch along with the Nuts n More Almond Chocolate butter out of the ones available on the Cardiff Sports Nutrition Website.

I thought i was going to like the Chocolate Almond flavour Nuts n More the best but it wasn’t as tasty as the Peanut butter toffee crunch one i bought as it’s a lot sweeter i think. I’ve tried it with the previous options such as oat cakes, apple, rice cakes but i’ve used it on my Oatabix in the morning for breakfast too and had a dollop of each along with a little bit of honey just to sweeten up the chocolate too. It’s given me another option for consumption and good source of protein for breakfast as opposed to me having 2-3 boiled or fried eggs every morning,w which gets a bit repetitive.


I’ve nearly finished my two tubs now which come in 454g portions with 14g protein per serving of two tablespoons so i’m just deciding on what other flavour to get but leaning towards the Nuts n More Almond Chocolate Coconut butter as i do really like coconut i just hope it’s a bit sweater than the standard chocolate almond butter.

To get the cheapest Nuts n More nut butters online and to see the whole range then take a look on Cardiff Sports Nutrition website.


Guide to afternoon tea and the best places to go in South Wales

Most people tend to either be a sweet or a savoury lover, but me.. I love both! With that in mind afternoon tea is my idea of heaven with pastries, sandwiches and cakes galore. Oh and a little tipple of alcohol to wash it down with always goes down a treat too!

Unfortunately i’d never been for afternoon tea up to now so i’ve been on a mission to find the perfect afternoon tea locally in South Wales. What first led me to my quest for the ultimate afternoon tea was an email from the Celtic Manor advertising their Willy Wonka chocolate inspired afternoon tea. As usual i left it too late and the dates were snapped up almost instantly as parents scrambled to take their kids to the first chocolate and child inspired afternoon tea i’ve come across for Christmas.

Below is a break down of some of the best places for afternoon tea in South Wales either based on recommendation or from my reaction to the sugar coated goodies on the menu.

Angel Hotel, Cardiff

The Angel Hotel is in a prime centre location of Cardiff right next to two of the Capital’s most iconic buildings with it running along the walls of Cardiff Castle with great views into the garden’s if you decide to stay the night too and it’s also on the same street as the gates to the mighty newly renamed Principality Stadium formerly known as the Millennium Stadium.

I’ve stayed at the hotel a number of times due to it’s central location and reasonable nightly rate but not tried the afternoon tea myself although feedback on the sponge based confectionaries and sandwiches has been very positive from people at work.

Groupon currently have an afternoon tea discount at The Angel Hotel with £15 getting two dinners the standard afternoon tea or you can upgrade with a glass of prosecco for just £6 on top or you can double up and get 4 dinners with a discount afternoon tea at the Angel Hotel for £30 without or £41 with prosecco.

angel hotel afternoon tea discount in cardiff

On the day afternoon tea dinners are treated to a range of finger sandwiches with traditional fillings, a selection of cakes including strawberry merinque, chocolate delice, mini lemon tartlet, a slice of fruit cake. After you’ve let that settle you are then onto round two with two warm fruit scones served with strawberry jam and clotted cream with a choice of tea or coffee to wash all that sugary goodness down.

Get The Angel Hotel Afternoon Tea discount here with Groupon for 2 or 4 dinners saving 40%.

Celtic Manor, Newport

This was my first choice for afternoon tea after obsessing over the menu’s of all the options in my short list for weeks and I wasn’t disappointed.

I like what the Celtic Manor do with their afternoon tea’s as they don’t just rest on their laurels and they change it with the seasons instead of having the same offering throughout the year.

As i mentioned above I missed out on the Willy Wonka Chocolate Afternoon Tea that i was planning on taking my younger sister to but there were a couple of other options still left. There is the Resort Afternoon Tea with an autumn twist of warm glass of spiced Pimms to start, which is what i went with as it had macarons on the menu and I have a slight obsession with them. There was the Christmas Afternoon Tea, and the Newbridge Cream Tea served at the Newbridge Hotel that is not on the Celtic Manor Resort but just up the road towards Usk but is part of the Resort portfolio.

For my autumn inspired afternoon tea that i opted for we were presented first with the glass of warm spiced Pimm’s, while the waiter explained the format and what we would be served on the day with 3 different plates over the course of the two hours.


First out were the savoury dishes with pulled pork and crackling on brioche roll, smoked salmon mouse on pumpernickel bread, pumpkin and goats cheese tart and mini cheese rarebit on toast.

We were then served a pot of our selected tea or freshly brewed coffee to go with our selection of finger sandwiches, which included cucumber, pastrami and dill, egg mayonnaise, chicken with sage and chestnut.

The cakes also accompanied the sandwiches on the tiered cake stand and included Raspberry and frangipane batten berg, white chocolate and pistachio macaroon, Welsh ‘Hilltop Honey’ and lemon meringue tart, Merlyn liqueur truffle slice, Frosted carrot cupcake.

After being offered another pot of tea out came our warm scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream. I for one was quite worried i would still be hungry with the portion sizes and especially after seeing how small the items were when they first came out but i was pleasantly surprised at how full i was after we had all of our items on the menu.

This was my first experience of afternoon tea and would highly recommend it here at the Celtic Manor especially as they update the menu every couple of months in fact I’m tempted to try the Christmas afternoon tea menu that starts on December 1st. What sealed the deal for me on the menu was the white chocolate and pistachio macaron but that was the only thing on the menu that i was disappointed with and even left half of it on my plate as it just didn’t taste like ones i’ve had in the past and made myself it broke apart when i bit into it as there was a massive air bubble underneath the skin. I low they are supposed to be crisp texture on the outside but these just didn’t taste right i think the problem was they were just too big and didn’t cook right. All the ones i’ve eaten and made myself are smaller and seem to cook through a lot better.

My favourite item on the menu was the Welsh ‘Hilltop Honey’ and lemon meringue tart that was to die for and wish i could of had a box of 6 to take home!

The afternoon tea at the celtic manor costs £22 each and by my admission is excellent value for money as i was left full until about 8pm in the evening after sitting down at 1.30pm in the afternoon, which is unknown for me.

I love that they don’t just stick to a standard afternoon tea and often have a twist, which is excellent if you want to keep visiting but want something different every time. They have lined up some really good afternoon tea specials for 2018 such as the Asian Inspired Afternoon Tea for some, Rib Slider Afternoon Tea for the meat lovers, Mothers Day Afternoon Tea for treating the parents and an Easter Themed Afternoon Tea, which I’ve sampled last year so if you like chocolate this is the one for you.

Park House, Cardiff

Park House Afternoon tea discount in Cardiff

I’ve not been for afternoon tea at Park House opposite Cardiff Museum in Cathay’s Park but I have done the 7 course taster menu and that was top notch.

I had mini macarons, crab ones in fact during one of the courses and a fabulous desert to finish. you’re dining in very grand surroundings here with the building being a significant 19th century Grade 1 listed Welsh Mansion, which adds to the sense of being extra special.

Travelzoo are currently running a special promotion with an afternoon discount for two including prosecco for just £35 for both.

The prosecco afternoon tea usually costs £30 each so it’s a great deal.

In the afternoon tea discount at Park House you get the following included:

  • Afternoon tea for two people, served on a bone-china tea set and including a selection of sandwiches, freshly baked fig and ginger scones with seasonal conserve and clotted cream, a selection of handmade cakes and pastries, and your choice of tea or coffee each
  • A 125ml glass of prosecco each.

Park Plaza, Cardiff

The afternoon tea at the Park Plaza in Cardiff was a close second for me based on reviews from friends and pictures i’ve seen on their Facebook page and also it’s central Cardiff location so both of us could of had a few glasses of fizz or cocktails to go with the afternoon tea.

park plaza afternoon tea

What had me so interested in Park Plaza afternoon tea though was the choice of menus they have. They don’t just have traditional afternoon tea available they also have a Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea menu too, which has a more manly take on afternoon tea with a protein fest of mini venison burgers, seared sirloin steak and onion ciabatta, chorizo scotch egg and Bloody Mary mayonnaise. Instead of  cakes you get Yorkshire pudding topped with roast beef and horseradish with the grand finale of Warm chocolate fondant with clotted creamRum Baba filled with Chantilly cream & raspberries!!

I’m dribbling just writing the menu again but thought that would be more fitting for a day out and bromance with my male friends and not what i initially started looking for but i will definitely be trying it out soon but will be washing the food down with a beer not a cup of tea for sure.

The traditional afternoon tea will cost you £16.50 each and the gentleman’s afternoon tea will set you back £18.95 with both options allowing an upgrade of champagne to add that extra icing on the cake.

Park Plaza are now doing a Hendrick’s G & Tea afternoon tea for something a little bit different and for those who don’t want to try the Gentlemen’s afternoon tea. Travelzoo are offering it’s customers a discount on the Hendrick’s G & Tea afternoon tea at the Park Plaza Hotel for just £27 including full use of the spa facilities at the hotel.

Book an afternoon tea at The Park Plaza Cardiff.

Waterloo Gardens, Cardiff

Waterloo know how to do tea as they sell their own in the Tea House and wholesale online and it can be found on sale in Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Berlin, Budapest and Dubai.

The original tea house opened in 2008 in Pen y Lan next to Waterloo Waterloo Gardens hence the name but they have since opened up shop in Penarth and on Mill Lane in Cardiff City Centre.

At the tea house you will find the biggest selection of tea in the capital, along with heavenly cakes and they also exhibit local artists work so you can have  a nosey when you’re there.

The afternoon tea at Waterloo Tea Gardens comprises of a selection of fresh cakes, scones with clotted cream and jam, finger sandwiches and chocolate truffles  – all served on a three tier cake stand with a tea of your choice. Everything is home-made and costs just £13.50

Jolyon’s @ No. 10’s, Cathedral Road, Cardiff

jolyons afternoon tea discount cardiff

Situated close to Cardiff City Centre a stones throw from Sophia Garden’s, which would make an ideal finish to watching the ashes this week Jolyon’s at No. 10’s are offering guests a discount sparkling afternoon tea with a glass of presecco for just £22 for two people between 2-6pm this summer.

I’ve popped into Jolyon’s on a pub crawl from the other end of Cathedral Road into town so only had 20 minutes to acquaint myself with the surroundings but was impressed with the the hotel on my short time spent in there and would be a great finish to an afternoon of sampling the beers, ales and wines along the way if you wanted to attempt something similar.

The Jolyon’s afternoon tea discount includes the usual suspects such as variety of finger sandwiches, tea, coffee and the glass of fizz.

Pettigrew Tea Rooms, Cardiff Castle

Pettigrew is one of the most recent openings offering afternoon tea and is situated in the gatehouse of Cardiff Castle so you get some great views of the castle grounds and there is outside seating for the summer but being close to December you would have to be pretty brave to sit outside with your tea and cake.

pettigrew tea gardens afternoon tea in Cardiff

Unlike the hotels offering afternoon tea this is a more hearty choice with choice of tea, scones, sandwiches but instead of the mini pastries and cakes you get to choose a big wedge of the cakes of the day they have freshly baked at the tea rooms.

The afternoon tea costs just £13.50 each

Livingsocial also have a discount high tea for two for £24 with a value of £39 or £48 for 4 worth £78.

The Pettigrew Tea Rooms deal includes a short of winter berry cordial, your choice of finger sandwiches to share, a freshly baked fruit, plain, or seasonal scone with clotted cream and Caerphilly strawberry preserve, a slice of homemade cake, and a loose leaf tea, coffee, or soft drink each. You’ll also receive a handmade gift to take home.

Hilton Hotel, Cardiff

I’ve strolled past the Hilton Hotel opposite Cardiff Castle on a number of occasions to see the Razzi restaurant full with people dressed up nibbling on finger sandwiches and cakes and always fancied trying it but thought being the Hilton it was going to be way overpriced. After hunting down the best afternoon tea i was quite surprised at how cheap it was at £17.50 and unlike the others i’ve heard they keep topping up the sandwiches if the cakes don’t fill you up.

hilton hotel cardiff afternoon tea discount

The newly relaunched Grey Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel currently have a discount for their afternoon tea on Travelzoo for just £23 for 2 guests in eluding a glass of bubbly.

Nant Ddu Lodge, Brecon

Nant Ddu Lodge is located in Brecon just north of Merthyr Tydfil. I’ve never heard a bad word said about this place and I know a lot of people who have visited for spa days and afternoon tea including friends and family. I’ve not had the afternoon tea but i’ve stayed for the weekend dinner, bed and breakfast deal they do and the food was really good.

nant ddu lodge

Royal Hotel, Swansea

afternoon tea discount at royal hotel swansea

Not forgetting our friends further west of the city and in Wales second city the Royal Hotel have one of the best deals at the moment online with a discount afternoon tea for two guests for just £15 saving 50% or if you fancy a ladies (or guys as i’m quite partial to a finger sandwich and macaron) day out then you can get a discount on the afternoon tea for 4 guests too for just £29. That is actually cheaper than the original price for two diners.

Situated opposite Swansea train station this would be idea to end a day of shopping before heading home or for a birthday treat for someone special.

Expect sandwiches included fresh local ingredients to Swansea, cakes and scones dripping in clotted cream as it is the summer and it’s not as if you have a bikini to fit into!

Buy your afternoon tea discount voucher for The Royal Hotel in Swansea

Afternoon Tea Discounts with Travelzoo

Some of the big names in daily deals websites have come and gone over the years but one that’s made it through the storm is Travelzoo and one of my favourite websites for not only hotels and trips away but they do local deals throughout Wales including afternoon tea and restaurant dinning offers from some of the best hotels and restaurants around.

You can find regular afternoon tea deals from Park House, Chapel, Hilton, Park Plaza and Mojo Food Bar in Cardiff and Newport but I’ve also seen them as far as North Wales and Pembrokeshire if you want to stay in Wales but there’s also a good selection across the UK. They’ve even been known to have regular restaurant deals and tasting menu offers from Penarth’s Michelin Starred James Sommerin if you’re looking to make the day extra special and carry on the celebrations into the evening.

Wriggle App lunch and afternoon tea discounts in Cardiff


If you’ve not heard of Wriggle or used it you can check out the review on Wriggle here.

Basically Wriggle is a daily deal app / website offering discounts on a great range of independent restaurants, cafe’s and bars around Cardiff, Bristol and Brighton. Once you download the app pick what day you want to visit with the options for that day and up to 3 days before. It differs from other daily deals as you have to use it for the day you purchase and within the time frame.

I use Wriggle on a daily basis and used it for a cocktail tasting menu at Lab22, beers at Tiny Rebel & Pipes, burgers at Got Beef, Time and Beef and Kongs, an open sandwich at Wally’s Kaffeehaus, 3 courses at Pot Bistro, flat whites at Outpost and Lufkin, pizza and pasta at Porro and breakfast booking for the morning at Pettigrew Tea Rooms.

There are different deals showing up all the time from some of my favourite places in Cardiff and new places signing up all the time offering up to 50% off the standard price. There are regular coffee, cake and coffee deals at the likes of:

  • Brod
  • Brodies
  • Canna Deli
  • Kemis
  • Wally’s Deli / Kaffeehaus
  • Early Bird
  • Lufkin Coffee Roasters
  • Anna Loka
  • Quantum Coffee Roasters

Head to Wriggle to download the app then login, go to Refer a Friend in the menu, Redeem a code then add the code AUHPSS to get a further discount on your first purchase.

Cheapest chicken breasts online in the UK with Muscle food

If you have got your ass in shape after piling on the pounds after Christmas or you have been good to your body for a bit longer with your fitness and nutrition and are looking for the cheapest chicken breasts to compliment your new regime for a high quality low fat protein hit then look no further than Muscle Food.

You can get the cheapest chicken breasts online for just £25 for 5kg smashing any deal in your local supermarket meaning you pay just £5 per kilo instead of the normal £10 per kilo you usually have to fork out in the likes of Tesco so it’s around half the price.

cheapest-chicken-breast-online at Muscle Food

Muscle food are an online butcher for all your protein and fitness needs sending your meat feast out in special insulated packages that stay fresh for up to 3 days in transport. They don’t just do meat you can do most of your weekly shop on the Muscle Food website with dairy, nuts and oils, supplements and high protein snacks.

Chicken is the ultimate paleo ingredient and a great source of protein for building muscle and feeding them after a tough WOD in Crossfit. Just bake them in the oven for 25 minutes on 200C for a low fat protein hit or top it with your favourite rub or seasoning to it if like me you just can’t stand your chicken bland.

For the cheapest chicken breasts online and to see some of the other offers they have on lean meats from beef, poultry and exotic meats on the menu then head over to the Muscle Food website.

For those on a strict Paleo diet they also have a good selection of grass fed beef on the website too


Maddison Restaurant in Cardiff discount with livingsocial

If you weren’t around to witness the now legendary liquid nightclub in Cardiff then you really did miss out. Liquid hosted all of the big names in dance music from Carl Cox, Eric Morillo and whatever other house legend Lamerica Promotions had spinning the decks on a bank holiday through the early 00’s.

Since the closure of Liquid nightclub, which had one of the biggest capacity in South Wales we haven’t had a decent main room DJ to play in Cardiff as we haven’t had a club big enough to host them and they certainly wouldn’t lower themselves to play at the likes of Oceana.

Liquid has been closes for about 3 years now and has just been left to rot away in the fringe of St Mary’s street and Mill Lane but in 2013 there were rumours that liquid was re-opening. News arrived at the end of 2013 that liquid was going to be refurbished with a restaurant and bar taking over the street level floor and nightclub was going to open in the relics of the former liquid nightclub.

Liquid has been renamed Maddison DC and the bar and restaurant have been open for around 2 months now with the nightclub yet to open its doors due to finishing touches being made. I’ve yet to try out the Maddison bar and restaurant but browsing on Livingsocial this week I noticed the daily deal they had with a discount on a 2 course meal for 2 with a glass of Prosecco for just £29 for £58 value at the Maddison restaurant.

With Sirloin steak at £20 from locally sourced farms this is definitely worth sampling as the restaurant is newly open, with a lot of money being pumped into the refurbish they will be keen to make a name for themselves with the quality of the food.

If your sticking to a Paleo diet then there’s steak with mushroom and tomato on the side, duck breast as long as you skip the hoi sin sauce and chicken in lemon and thyme. All the mains come with chips or new potatos but you could order a side of seasonal veg to fill you up instead. For starters you could go for the asparagus and poached egg or the Scottish Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs.

Not only can you get a discount for Maddison restaurant in Cardiff for 2 diners but you can also get a discount restaurant deal for 4 people for just £57 for a £116 value and 6 diners for £85 with a value of £174 for starter, main and Prosecco each saving 51%.

Get the Madisson restaurant discount in Cardiff  for 2 to 6 diners at Livingsocial with 9 days left to purchase at time of writing.

Where can I buy paleo and grass fed meat in South Wales

Grass fed beef and Paleo Friendly butcher in South Wales

If your and avid Crossfitter, Paleo follower or just want the best and nutritious food for your body you probably want to know where the best quality meat you can give your body to repair from heavy workouts at your Crossfit Box or regular gym.

To get the most out of your meat and protein it is recommended you source your red meat from grass fed animals instead of grain and whatever other crap and nasties they throw in to bulk the cows up these days.

If your looking for a butcher who stocks grass fed beef in South Wales then look no further than Paleo Nutrition Wales who source all their meet from local suppliers and everything they sell on their website is Paleo so you don’t have to check the ingredients on anything you find on the site. You will only find natural herbs and spices in any of their snacks such as jerky and seasonings to coat your grass fed hunks of meat.

paleo-nutrition-wales-HUNTER-GATHERER grass fed meat packThe poultry is free range too and they even do meat packs so you can get your protein and nutrients from a selection of the best quality meat you can buy for repairing those muscles and building a temple of a body you have always wanted! The meat packs come in the type of names you would expect from Paleo diet such as the Carnivore, Caveman and the Hunter Gatherer.

All the grass fed, exotic cuts of meat including kangaroo and free range poultry are shipped in 3 step temperature controlled environment meaning it never exceeds 5C and can stay fresh for up to 72 hours in the delivery pack.

See what the Paleo Nutrition Wales website has to offer or get to taste your first ever sample of grass fed meat delivered straight to your door.