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Park House 7 Course Taster Menu Discount Voucher in Cardiff

Park House is a true hidden gem in the heart of Cardiff as it’s not on the normal trail whilst out shopping or hitting the bars on St Mary Street. The grade 1 listed building of Park House was built by none other than the Marquis of Bute the man behind many of Cardiff and the surrounding areas most prominent buildings such as Castell Coch and the additional buildings of Cardiff Castle with the help of his chief architect William Burges. With Cadw describing it as “perhaps the most important 19th century house in Wales” so you know not to expect modern design there as it sticks to it’s heritage and tradition.

I only came across the restaurant myself whilst browsing some daily deals websites with the 7 course taster menu jumping out at me I didn’t waste any time checking out the menu and had my card out within seconds of coming to the end of the expertly designed menu offerings. The didn’t last long as other viewers were quick to snap up the amazing deal.

I didn’t use the voucher up until about a month ago after purchasing it in April due to other commitments and getting a free weekend off with my fellow diner but we were mightily impressed with with what was presented to us. I love my macarons but not the biggest fan of crab so was in equal minds whether or not I would take to the crab macaron starter but i was pleasantly surprised how well the sweetness of the french macaron shell complimented the shellfish.

Also brought to us on the evening as part of the taster menu were the Roast Chestnut Pannacotta, Atlantic Halibut and my favourite New Season Scottish Moors Grouse for main course as I’m always a big game fan if it’s on the menu plus I got double helpings of the breast as my friend isn’t too keen on rich game meat although they enjoyed the leg & foie gras bon bon that accompanied it.

What I was most surprised at was the pain perdu, tonka bean brulee with spiced ice cream as I’d never ever fancied creme brulee as I’ve always thought it was quite old fasioned for my linking but was the best desert I’d had in some time plus I’m a sucker for spiced rum and all things christmassy and brought the Christmas feel out with this winter taster menu option.

The cocktails on offer looked amazing and they do a selection of matching wines for the meals but I ordered a bottle thinking it would be a while till we were seated but we were shown to our table within 5 minutes and the bottle was over £40 of a Bordeux so didn’t fancy paying another £40+ plus each on top so we stuck to two bottles of the red instead.

The 7 Course Taster Menu discount has just been re-advertised on Travelzoo Local for just £69 meaning it’s essentially two for 1 as that’s a 50% discount with it usually costing the same amount per person. When you add it up that’s 14 courses for less than £5 each and trust me you will not find anywhere in the capital serving morsels of pleasure on the tongue for that cheap.

Cure and Simple Bacon Subscription Discount Code 2SCRP8

[fusion_text]I’m not even going to ask if you like bacon because if you don’t then please leave this blog immediately, sit in the corner of whatever room you are in at the moment and have a quiet word with yourself!

Bacon as far as I’m concerned is the king of all food and of course the main ingredient in any ultimate hangover cure so it’s quite fitting that you can choose your favourite bacon online whilst wrapped up snuggly in under your duvet and have the salty crispy goodness dropped off by Steve the postman in 24 hours.

If you haven’t heard of it is a subscription based bacon delivery just like lovefilm or Graze except they send you small packs of hand cured artisan bacon in 5 different flavours either once a week, fortnightly or monthly with the option to pause your regularity at any time. The bacon is vacuum packed then put in an envelope that fits neatly through your door so you don’t have to wait in and because it’s cured in such a way that they don’t inject it full of water and whatever other crack they try to bulk it up with all the moisture has been removed so it doesn’t actually have to stay in the fridge so it will be fine laying on your floor until you get home from work or wherever else you might be during the day.

But I have a dog I here you say and Alfie the French Mastiff would love to get his humungous jaws wrapped around 10 slices of pork gold! Fear not as the guys at seemed to have thought of everything here, they double pack it so it goes in an extra layer of protection and also spray it with dog repellent! These guys are legends in the making!

The Flavours of Bacon currently available on are:

  • Original
  • Pancetta
  • Thai
  • Old English
  • Bourbon

You can also choose a mixed option so they send you a different one each time.

I’ve had 2 bourbon ones, which I used one for a  bbq tower pitta with pulled pork sausage, homemade guacamole, grated cheese and thinly sliced bourbon bacon bits to top it off. I had a packet of the Old English,which made an awesome bacon sandwich to take on the journey up to Birmingham airport to Ibiza a few weeks ago and to sort me out the morning I got back because I actually thought I was going to die!

I also tried the Thai flavoured bacon, which I used to make a Bacon and Scallop Pad Thai that was also something special.

If you want to get a discount on your first Cure and Simple bacon subscription then just use the discount code 2SCRP8 when signing up to get a 50% discount at the time of writing this post.[/fusion_text][images picture_size=”fixed” hover_type=”none” autoplay=”no” columns=”5″ column_spacing=”13″ scroll_items=”” show_nav=”yes” mouse_scroll=”no” border=”yes” lightbox=”yes” class=”” id=””][image link=”” linktarget=”_self” image=”×300.jpg” alt=””][image link=”” linktarget=”_self” image=”×300.jpg” alt=””][image link=”” linktarget=”_self” image=”×300.jpg” alt=””][image link=”” linktarget=”_self” image=”×300.jpg” alt=””][/images]

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Flavourly discount code for gourmet food box and craft ale subscription

I’ve been on a mission the past week signing up for every subscription service in existence i think! It’s probably something to do with my browsing history but i’ve been having a fair few deals popping up on my Facebook and one that stood out for me was the flavourly gourmet food box. Flavourly is like a giant graze box although you don’t have to worry about it being too healthy as there’s a few naughty things in there if you’re not counting your calories like me.

I’m a sucker for a bargain and good discount and the thing that caught my eye was the more than half price discount of the Flavourly box from the link on Facebook giving you £10 off the normal price of £17.

In the Flavourly box you’re promised 10-15 gourmet goodies from some well known favourites to upcoming and eager to break through food and confectionary producers from around the UK. You can either just get a random box delivered to your door or you can customise your box by doing a short quiz to let them know some of your preferences on the type of foods and cuisine you enjoy most and those you don’t.

My discounted Flavourly gourmet food box arrived at home yesterday and thank god my sister is on school half term to answer the door to the postie as I was dying to see what was inside and didn’t fancy taking a few hours off work to pick it up at my local post office, which is so local its over 10 MILES AWAY!!


In my first Flavourly Gourmet Food Hamper I had:

  • Salted Caramel Popcorn
  • Rosemary and thyme pitta chips
  • Coconut sugar
  • Bakarwadi bites
  • Umami spiced garlic paste
  • Oregano infused rapeseed oil
  • Cook’s companion seasoning blend
  • Thai red curry spice mix, oil and paste
  • Superfusions berry mix
  • Janis quality mixture savoury snacks
  • Willie’s Cacao El Blanco chocolate

I’d estimate the box contents cost around £20 without delivery whereas I paid £7 instead of the normal £17 with the Flavourly discounted first box and £4 for delivery totalling £11. So yo are probably getting your money’s worth with the full priced box compared to some hampers that are quite expensive and you just normally end up paying for the packaging and box.

The good thing about these Flavourly boxes is they hunt down some great suppliers and producers that you won’t find in your supermarket as some are just starting out or might only be selling them at their local deli and food markets but that could be the other end of the country so it’s a good way of stumbling on some right nuggets that you would’t have come across otherwise.

If you’re thinking of testing out the Flavourly Gourmet Food Hamper but not sure on the £17+pp then get a £10 discount on your first box here.

Once you’ve signed up you can also keep getting discounts on your future orders by recommending friends and family with them also getting £10 off their first box but you also get £5 credit towards your next box. Who knows if you’ve got enough friends who don’t like eating bland crap like most people and you can tempt them to join up you might never have to buy another box yourself with the flavourly discount referral theme.

Want something to wash down you’re freshly delivery culinary delights? Flavourly also do a subscription craft ale delivery box too. You can get a mixture of boxes from all white for your pale ales and beers, all dark for your richer drinks and stouts or a mixed box to sample and pair with your snacks. You can also get a £10 discount on your first flavourly craft ale box paying just £10 instead of £20 and they even throw an extra two bar snacks to soak up the hopey nectar.

The best cheese toastie quest continues with 3 onion combo


So it’s been a few years since I heard about Kappacasein’s in Borough Market after trying to track down the guy who made my hangover cure cheese toastie in Bermondsey Square Market after a wedding the day before although I could of actually sampled his as it’s a stones throw away from Borough Market and from what I could see from the mix he put in it was similar to Kappacasein’s 3 cheese, 3 onion and garlic mix and i wasn’t aware of the guy or the name of the stall that served me at the time as I was nearly conscious until the cheese crisp coated sourdough was handed over to me and sent smell bombs to my nose (good ones!).

I thought I’d have my own go at Kappacasein’s version apart from one or two bit’s as I couldn’t be bothered to spend too much for just one sandwich as the bread alone cost me £2.20 for 5 slices and they didn’t have any Montgomery or Ogleshield Cheddar in Waitress so I had to settle for Keens Cheddar and I had an impending date that afternoon so didn’t fancy my chances with garlic for breakfast neither was it going to do anything for my stinking hangover from a good 12 hour sesh at Curfew’s inaugural first secret garden party event the day before in Pontypridd.

So my version was to use Pan Pugliese bread buttered on one side and left to toast on my teppanyaki grill, whilst i assembled the mix of white onion, red onion, leek and keens cheddar in a bowl ready to add onto the freshly toasted buttery bread when i turned it over not before buttering the other side. add a generous amount of the filling, i didn’t put enough to start as it wasn’t oozing out and crisping up onto the grill to my liking like i remember so i had to keep adding more plus i didn’t have a decent sandwich press like they used in Bermondsey Square Market but i would painstakingly and with ease not to lose a morsel on the flip over to make sure each side was golden with toasted buttery bread and an even melt through the middle with just the right amount of gooage spitting out from the sides of the sandwich.

Once done to your liking which took me about 15 minutes of turning on the teppanyaki grill so that it didn’t burn too much and because I needed that cheese burning the inside of my gums right now! Everyone knows that it doesn’t taste the same exactly like a pizza if you don’t annihilate the inside of your mouth and gums with molten cheese it’s such a pleasure and pain experience you can’t deny yourself of.

You may need a kitchen towel or if you’re posh and have serviettes hanging around in the kitchen by all means use those to stop your fingers blistering from the hot magma laden cheese and savagely toasted bread and attack at your peril!

My ultimate burger fries and onion rings combo

ultimate burger fries and onion ring combo ingredients list

I’ve had a bit of a burger obsession the past 12 months with the relentless hammering down my throat with them at all the local street food festivals and burger joints showing up in Cardiff at the moment and I like to play around with some flavours and combinations at home trying to find the Holy Grail of combo’s and because I would really like to run a pop up burger joint at my grandparent’s pub some time in the near future so I need to build my potential menu offerings in the mean time.

I alway’s make my own burgers and still feeding off the 50/50 burgers half beef and half smoked streaky bacon I made a few weeks ago and froze but i’d picked up some condemned (yellow stickies for close to sell by date, my favourite past time on the way home from crossfit finding some bargains for work and to stock the freezer) Welsh Steak burgers a while back and had them gathering ice in the freezer so I thought i’d do them as they are some beastly meat offerings and thick as hell. I’m sick of having plastic chips and french fries and being charged £5 for a small portion just because there’s some parmesan sprinkled on top in food festivals so thought i’d hand cut my own to attempt frying to see how different they turn out and whilst i was there attempt my first batch of deep fried sweet potato.

I cut 3 Maris Piper Potatoes up as thin as i could whilst my burgers were in the oven and set aside. Then I decided I was going the full hog and making some fresh onion rings but not just any old onion rings i was making two kinds. I had a shaker with garlic, chilli and pepper so that was going in the one batter mix which was just a couple of spoonfuls of self raising flour mixed with a bit of water little by little until you got your desired thickness i wanted it thick to stick to the onions. I mixed a generous sprinkle of the spice mix and then made a 2nd bowl of batter only a small bit as i was only cooking for myself and using one onion and then added a sprinkle of cajun seasoning to the mix for a different flavour.

Cut the tops and bottom off the onion then in half so the top and bottom are still in the middle of the halves than cut your rings of onions to your desired thicknes i probably got 3 out of each side then take out the middle bit of the onion leaving just the rings and i then split each one into two rings so they weren’t too thick they wouldn’t cook properly.

Coat half in one mix and one in the other but you can just use a plain batter or attempt something else if you fancy go nuts! I dropped the onion rings in one by one dipping it in slowly first before dropping so it didn’t stick to the bottom of the basket. Cook for about 5-10 minutes depending on thickness of the onion and the batter until you get your desired crispiness at around 160C to start then a minute on 180C to crisp up although i put mine in to finish off and keep warm wile i cooked my shoestring french fries cut by hand.

Before I put my fries on i added a slice of brie over my burger in the oven to melt. Drop the fries in the fryer and cook to your desired browness or crunchiness again i cooked mine for around 5 mins on 160 as they were quite thin and blasted them for a minute on 180C too to crisp up.

I cut my brioche bun, and added a slather of my GBK smoked chilli mayo that i’d bought along with habanero chilli jam, harrissa mayo and bbq relish as they were all half price and just £1 in Tesco this week. Then i added the brie encrusted Welsh Steak Burger, topped with the GBK BBQ relish and dropped a few Chilli Pears that I also stumbled upon in Tesco that were spicy but added a sweetness to the mix.

Next I stacked my plate with the fresh french fries, grated a good helping of Parmesan Cheese on top and plonked a few of the different onion rings where there was space not for them to fall off. I was going to have posh fries with the parmesan and truffle oil but the truffle would of overpowered everything else on the plate and I was even going to attempt a double burger as I had cheddar bubbling away on top but the size of the burgers is unreal there was no way it was all fitting in even my greedy gob with two in the bun so I offloaded that off to my eager waiting grandfather.

The burger was served slightly pink as it was frozen it needed a bit longer but it was just right and how i’d of expected it at any decent burger restaurant so i was happy and haven’t died 3 days later.

The ultimate British Summer dessert – Pimms stewed strawberry Eton Mess

Eating reasonably healthy all week usually requires me to keep sane by overindulging on the weekend and I haven’t done bad this weekend with my experimenting with burger combinations and sides on Thursday, 3 course carb fest at Maenllwydd Inn down Rudry last night ending in groey caramely heaven on a plate that was cinder toffee cheesecake that i still haven’t been able to rid my mouth nor do i want to of a film of velvety caramel.

I opted to stay in tonight on a Saturday in aid of my non existent Ibiza fund for September, which could only mean one thing…something indulgent to perk me up seeing that i won’t be venturing out for a pint of fermented apples tonight. Nothing took my fancy in Marksy’s earlier although it is Ponty and they don’t have a wide selection and it was even two can dine for £10 but they only had one dessert left and it looked garbage so headed off to Sainsbury’s to see what they had to offer my sugar craving.

I’d only stepped off the escalator and was met by a shelf taller than me (not hard with my 5ft 9.5″ on a good day stance) full to the brim of meringue nests strategically aligned with the plummets of strawberries. SOLD!! My favourite dessert in the world ever it was going to be and after receiving my picnic hamper thoughtfully stocked with 2 bottles of Pimms from my competition win with Pimms on their twitter page a few weeks ago I wanted to marry the two together in a dessert for the first time. How better than making a coulis for the Eton Mess with the help of my freshly won Pimms.

I meandered around the aisles looking for the other must have accompaniment to an Eton Mess, which is cream. I pondered over trying creme freche for a change or for some split second mental idea of having something healthy in my bowl with Greek Yogurt then I had a tub of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Madagascan Vanilla Cream BINGO!

I wasn’t feeling overly fussy on main course as i’ve been pretty wrecked this week after starting a new job getting up half hour early every morning and travelling 5 times the distance so Spicy Beef Pizza with a side of jalepeno cheese poppers would do tonight.

To start the Ultimate Eton Mess chop half the strawberry’s up into small chunks as I don’t have a blender, add a dessert spoon of caster sugar and the juice of the lime into a saucepan and put on a low-medium heat giving it a stir for a minute. Add the chopped strawberry’s mixing up all the ingredients and leave to heat up and letting the lime and heat break down the juices in the strawberry’s. After 2 minutes I added a double shot of Pimms to the saucepan and put on full heat to bring to boil and let it bubble for a minute to thicken the coulis then turned off the heat to let it cool.

I put my pizza on and enjoyed that with one of the pale ale’s i still had left from my recent Beer52 delivery whilst the coulis cooled down.

I quartered 4 strawberry’s broke up one meringue nest into my bowl, added a dollop of the vanilla cream, half the strawberry’s and drizzled with the coulis then repeated with the 2nd meringue basket, another dollop of cream, the rest of the strawberry’s and a generous drizzle of the Pimms coulis. I have a mint plant growing in the garden so i decorated with some newly sprouted tiny mint leaves and a small dusting of icing sugar because it wasn’t possibly sweet enough already ha ha

Take one big spoon and don’t come up for air till it’s gone!








Beer52 subscription craft beer delivered to your door

I’ve been a cider drinker most of my adult life following the food and drink festivals around South Wales since I can remember and local cider farm open days at Gwynt y Draig along with the infamous cider festival over Llanwono in the summer. Choice of drink used to be Weston’s Organic until they dropped the alcohol % and changed the name to Wyld Wood.

I’ve moved away in the last year or two with my palate changing to spirits and favouring a spiced rum and coke whether its Morgan’s Spiced, Sailor Jerry’s or Kraken if i can find it cheap enough. Even more recently with the mass of street food venue’s and event’s going on i’d much prefer to sip a long drink rather than chug back my own bodyweight in pirate juice with my food. I started trying a few pale ales as i’ve never tried beer before as I didn’t see myself as an old man and thought i’d need to immediately have to purchase a pair of fluffy slippers and smoking jacket even though i’ve lived in a pub most of my life but then again i’d probably seen the sad and boring old guys who who sent me to sleep on more than one shift behind the bar pulling pints when i was a student.

With the likes of Grillstock importing their American style IPA’s at their summer shindigs, street food circus in Cardiff serving Otley Breweries latest barrel, who happen to be located about 2 miles up the road from me and my recent obsession for the ultra cool Brewdog Brewery trying to make my way through the ever changing drink (and food menu, have you tried the horse jerky yet?) i’ve become quite a appreciative non beer drinker.


I happened to stumble on a banner on Facebook which is quite unlike me as i avoid any advertising on websites especially Facebook like the plague normally but it was for a box of beers and i’d just got over my headache after a recent trek down to a street food event and still had a taste for a random rocket fuelled, hopey, craft liquid golden white beer! The name was beer52 and they had an awesome deal at the time for first time subscribers with money off the first box and an extra two beers thrown in just because why the hell not.

The box arrived on a Friday (great timing!) and before the cellotape had dropped to the floor half of the box had found it’s prime position in the cooling chamber or fridge to you normal folk to bring my expertly sourced globe trotting IPA’s to optimum beverage tasting coolness.

The first bottle out of the selection delivered was a Berlin BRLO Pale Ale that went lovely with a packet of chilli biltong i picked up on the way home from work that Friday.


Afternoon tea discount at Patisserie Valerie St Davids 2 Cardiff and nationwide

patisserie valerie afternoon tea discount cardiffPatisserie Valerie have cafe’s around the UK with one in the food quarter of St David’s 2 in Cardiff and you can get a
discount afternoon tea with them thanks to Amazon local for just £19.

Included in the discount afternoon tea is a selection of ten finger sandwiches, two quiches, four scones with jam and cream, two mini cakes slices, two mini cakes, two chocolate éclairs and a refillable pot of tea for both diners. I’ve not sampled the food there but as i’ve usually just eaten and walking past to get to the car park or train but the cakes do look divine I have to admit!

A selection of the mini cakes included in the afternoon tea offer are mini Victoria sponge, mixed berry cake, mini mousse and carrot and walnut cake.

Take advantage of the Amazon Local afternoon tea discount at one of the 95 Patisserie Valerie locations around the UK including St David’s 2 in Cardiff.


Hogwurst discount voucher in Cardiff for hotdog meal and drink for 2

I’ve been absolutely dying to try the food at Hogwurst since seeing a post they shared on Facebook of one of their smoked, pork mountain delights and someone on my friends list shared it. I added them straight away and spent the next half hour dribbling over my keyboard at the creative geniuses behind the kitchen with not only their hotdog specials but the cakes on offer looking amazeballs too! They also happened to do macarons, which i also have a slight obsession with.

Hogwurst is a coffee shop and cafe aimed at students with it being smack in the middle of student central on North Road amongst the student halls of residents around the corner from the Aston Martin garage on the way into Cardiff Town Centre so the prices are pretty reasonable anyway. I don’t go to Cardiff as often as I used to and if I do i rarely drive and catch the train so I haven’t managed to try the sausages but I did park up opposite in the car park of the Blackweir Tavern to see what sugary coated goodness they had on offer that day on my way home from eating my own bodyweight in beef at Got Beef.

burger macaronI was bitterly disappointed though from seeing the cakes they had been churning out and posting on Facebook around the time as they only had two macarons left but it was late afternoon and it was midweek so i had to make do with a takeaway for the drive home.

The guys have even created a burger dessert made out of macaron complete with sesame seeded bun now how cool is that! I think I need to sample the cakes on a weekend and early before they all go the next time i’m passing the cafe.

Livingsocial have an awesome deal this week offering a discount voucher for Hogwurst, which includes one of their infamous pork creations, side of fries with hot or cold drink for two people for just £12 with a £23 value or 4 diners for £23 with £46 value.

There’s a great range of options of hotdogs in the deal from your bog standard The Hot Dog – with fresh onions, mustard & ketchup or for those spice lovers The Chilli Dog – with chipotle beef chilli con carne, jalapenos, crispy onions, melted cheese, bashed Doritos shards, mustard & ketchup.

Not for the faint hearted is the newly launched The Dogfather – our Italian inspired pizza dog. Tom’s tomato marinara sauce, melted cheese, grilled peperoni, fresh diced onions and peppers and topped with bashed Dorito shards.

The fries don’t come plain either with the choice of the following:

Simple Fries – lightly salted

Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper

Orchard – apple cider vinegar & sea salt

Garlic Fries

Amigos fries – paprika and Cajun spicing

Truffle Fries – tossed in truffle oil with micro planed parmesan cheese

Cheesey Fries – grated mature cheddar

Oh and did I mention they do BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE!

Head over to LivingSocial to get your Hogwurst discount voucher in Cardiff to feed the other half or take the family out with 4 diners for £23 offer and you can use it up until 13th September 2015.


Pie Minister discount voucher for 2 in Cardiff with Living Social

I’ve loved a good pie since i was a kid but it wasn’t until a short stint in Oz that I became slightly obsessed with the flaky pastry topped, gravy laden meaty goodness that is Pie Face! What’s Pie Face you ask? Bite sized, golden crumbed pockets oozing with your favourite filling topped with a big smily face that donned every street corner as far as the eye could see amptly paired with a generous dollop of mash, peas and a good glug of gravy. What other stodgy delights could help you soak up your 10 scooners of Tooheys at 4am on Kings Cross?

I had visions of opening up my own Pie Face rip off on my immediate return from down under in Cardiff’s capital as pie and mash restaurants were doing the rounds in London at the time too but not seen anyone challenge the good ole trusty Clarke’s Pie in the capital. That said these were only left to go stale for hours on end next to a mouldy rissole in a glass heater in Chippy lane and nothing compared to the selection of meaty parcels offered by Pie face coupled by option to stack it with mash, peas and gravy and the fact you could buy a a multipack of up to 12 for the taxi ride home and breakfast!

The first and only dedicated Pie and mash shop in Cardiff called Pie Minister, which is a chain opened over a year ago nearly 3 years after I got back from Australia so I could of sweeped right up there! I popped in one Saturday afternoon to sample the pie’s on offer as I don’t do much shopping in Cardiff these days opting for shopping online instead and browsed the fine selection of Pie’s on offer whilst i sipped a tankard of their Bounders cider, which was on draft that day. Me being me couldn’t just go for pie on it’s own, which probably wouldn’t of touched the sides and needed a sub from New York Deli to walk to the train with to fill me up so I went straight to the top of the menu and ordered THE MOTHERSHIP!
pie minister discount voucher cardiff
I picked the Moo and Blue my favourite flavoured pie in the world ever beef and stilton after eating my own bodyweight in beef and stilton cornish pasties from the Cornish Bakehouse over the years on Church Street. Now the mothership as the name would suggest wasn’t just your bog standard pie it came with all the trimmings with mash on the plate but ramekins filled with chunks of cheddar cheese, crispy shallots, minted mushy peas and a healthy portion of yummy gravy! I had to go one better with a wedge of crusty bread and butter to mop up the gravy and any remnants of the beefy blue cheese centre!

Due to me being too lazy to shop around Cardiff these days and opting to shop from the comfort of my sofa I haven’t been back to Pie Minister yet but browsing through the daily deals websites this week one deal was jumping out at me!

You can get a Pie Minister discount meal for 2 people consisting of your choice of pie upgraded to the mothership with all the sides and toppings you could want to add extra flavour and texture to washed down with a good pint of of draught Bath Gem, Bounders cider or Freedom lager, or a pint of draught cola, diet cola, or lemonade for just £15 saving you 50% on the normal price they charge. I had to pay that for myself the last time and have successfully attempted a meal for 2 myself on many occassions but this would end me and look like i’d just had a hernia if i attempted two plates of some of the best pie’s in Cardiff.

You can use the Pie Minister discount voucher up to October and can even upgrade and get the same 50% savings for a group of 4 for just £30. Great for keeping in the wallet or purse for when your out for an impromptu shop with the other half or kids and sick to death of McDonald’s or Burger King and who wants a scabby burger you could use as tracing paper it’s that thin over Great Taste Gold award winning pies and as much stodge as you can shake a stick at! Pie Minister is located just a few doors away from Mcdonalds on St Mary Street too if you can’t find it.